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Posted:this was a while back but i thought i would just show yall what i had back then but ya i have improved alot more then i was in this teaser

here is the link

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Posted:sweet. smile
seems like you got clean timing cool
thanks for posting
I look forward to seeing the more reacent stuff


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Posted:dude that was neato beerchug i'm still working on my wraps but yours are soo clean. fantastic. hey whats the music on there?

sounds awesome would love to know who. hehe i like how your getting into the spinning, with the ducking and the leaning and it, love it.

i think poi is so much more fun and cooler looking when the spinner is moving WITH the poi. not out-of-control way, but just going with the strings instead of having perfect planes , not moving at all, maybe an occasional turn.

its all good for those that like it that way, but for myself...jumping around is more fun. so kudos! nice spinning, cant wait to see recent ones hug

the kid

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Posted:another link that dont work!


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