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Posted:Hey I need some advice, I got a staff a while ago and its nice and all as it is but I feel like doing some modifications to it so I can get the most out of it. The middle of the staff where the grip is has a foam kinda grip which is kinda bulky especially for my short fingers so Im feeling like it should come off but I am afraid that the heat from the ends of the staff will make the middle too hot. The staff is only 4' long so the heat kinda transfers evenly throughout the staff. I did my own sealing on the ends and compared to before its much better but it still gets some what warm. I dont know what to use to 1.) better seal the ends, 2.) Use as a grip when the foam is off since only bare aluminum is under there and 3.) make the ends heavier so I can do some Contact Staff. After watching Poiintheparks staff vids and especially "Black and Blue" I wanna learn more smile Thanks a bunch, cheers wave


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