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Posted:I was in Key West last summer and had the opportunity to watch a couple spinning glow sticks on string. Intrigued, we went up and asked about this art. I learned it was poi and have since searched the INet and here I am on this discussion board! I come from a background of colorguard flag and rifle picking up my homemade poi came very natural. I've been using the lessons portion on this site and have learned the first 17 moves. I'm not very smooth yet, but it's only been 2 weeks. What should my next step be? I live in Indiana a very decilate town..I'm not into raves...but would love to learn more and become more fluent. It seems there's only 1 guy in my town? Is there a good video to purchase? Any input appreciated!-Gillian

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Posted:The Circles of Light (CoL) and CoL2 videos available on this site are good. They don't give lessons or anything, it's just videos of people spinning, but some of them are pretty amazing. If nothing else, you should be able to pick out transitions between moves that you might not have considered before.Happy spinning
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Posted:There is only one person in your town? Geez, that's a prettey small town!!Nah, im just kidding with you! I agree, COL videos are good for watchin others do it, which always adds to your experience, but what id say is just keep practicing what feels good to you, and try new things (no matter how much it hurts) and the world is yours! ---Evil laugh----(shut up Pinkie...)Peace------------------ColesId love to be a glow-wormCuz a glow-worm's never glumIt's hard to be downheartedWhen a light shines out your bum

Id love to be a glow-worm
Cuz a glow-worm's never glum
It's hard to be downhearted
When a light shines out your bum


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Posted:Hiya Gillian - bril to hear about one more poi enthuisiast! I hope it spirals into an obsession ;P Have ya considered recruiting people into twirling too? then u'll have practice buddies.
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Posted:hey gillian, you got into it the same as me, i saw a guy on the beach, got hold of some poi and preceeded to teach myself the basics, like bender said get i buddy into poi, i did its heaps better with friends, and definatly make it to some where to meet and spin with other spinners, you be blown away by there moves which you can then try until you get it or knock yourself out!!! have fun.

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