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Posted: Virus's suck

People who invent virus's suck.

I have just had to talk for 20 minutes to techie people about virus's. This sucks.

What is the point! Eh!

If anyone else has enjoyed the doom A virus my sympathies go out to you. It a pointless virus if ever I saw one.

Poi... it's an obsession.

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Posted:I hate Viruses. Spotty little kids who know far too much about computers for their own good and often due to their lack of experience in the real world they have absolutely no appreciation of the impact of their actions on potentially millions of people. Targetting a company (while I don't condone it) usually only costs profits, attacking personal users, in a bad case scenario, can ruin lives.

My sympathies are with you, I had a virus last year and have never let my virus protection go out of date ever again!

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Posted:i hate viruses cu i never know if it's spelt viruses or fungii.
:has a sook:

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