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Posted:ive been trying to learn forward behind the back weave for ages now..Ive tried every technique to try and get my hands to move the way i want, but not being able to see what im doing poses a biiiig problem frown has anyone else had this co-ordination problem, and can they give me any tips? even if its something ive already tried it might help to see it from another persons experience/point of view
thanks all!

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Posted:I seemed to pick up this move quite easily, but I'm not exactly sure how.

I've heard of 2 possible ways if you're struggling.
One is to film it from behind, so you can see more easily what your hands are doing, and what you are doing wrong.
Another is to use a stick instead of your poi.

I did forward spins, dropped my hands behind my back , and practiced spinning circles there, making sure that the planes are straight.
Then I practiced it with just my right poi. When I had that, I practiced with just my left.
Then I tried to get a picture in my mind of what it should look like, and with a bit of perseverence it happened. biggrin

Also, have you tried doing a search? You may find more useful info.
Good luck with it.

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Posted:hey there. i actually just now learned the forward btb today. try thinking about what it SHOULD look like, then think of how the hands would move to m ake it do that. then when you start spinning, even if the strings tangle, just do the hand movements, and 8 out of 10 times the strings will untangle themselves and next thing your doing it. hope this helps, happy spinning beerchug

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Posted:another btb rant


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Posted:For me this wasn't a move I got, as such, it was more a process of hitting myself slightly less each time I tried it. I,m still at the point of twisting ridiculously to avoid getting hit, but it seems to be getting smoother. Slowly.
The way I got it was one hand at a time, just try swinging it forwards in your right hand on your right side once, then on your left side once ( behind your back ), then vice versa once you are comfortable. Once you are comfortable with that, try and apply the same method you used to learn the standard weave.

Hope it helps... smile

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