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Posted:so get this...ive just been signed on for my first paying gig! Its for this Fashion designer woman who specializes in costumes etc. Theres a big fashion show happening at the end of April and shes hired me to fire spin. shes paying for my flight to Vancouver, My hotel, And then shes paying me over 200$ a day for 2 10 minute shows.. UNREAL!! ((rumor has it theres a limo and free catering too.))And its all legit!!The day after i speak to this woman my friends and I were rear ended in his car. My back is ruined. ive been for massage, to the docter too, and i have to go to physio as well etc. its healing slowly. too slow.. im going through poi withdrawl. im afriad im going to forget how to do it.. (not likly but..)So then to make matters more stressful, this lady calls me up today and theres going to be a music video shot in the city and the producers/directors want *gasp*a fire spinner.. and im it!!! more money for me.. but its happening on the 16th of april.. and im not better..im so so very upset as its not smart to go out, spin anyways despite my handicap and face possible permanent ingury or at least longer injury time.. but this is the oppurtunity ive been working so for so long.. im really choked.ive worked too hard for all this and now i cant even do it. anyone know how to fix whiplash ridden back?? PLEASE!??? :*(
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Posted:Normal prescription - time & careUrgent prescription - acupuncture for swollen muscles (probably wise not to go for massage or anything that will aggravate the strain that the muscles have experienced)Hope & keep fingers crossedR.

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Posted:Don't mention backs and whiplash. Pele will misunderstand and get over excited.She gets turned on by the smell of kero y'know.....

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Posted:Rozi brings up a good idea. Talk to your physiotherapist about alternative therapies. Physios normally stick to the safe line of time and gentle exercise. However combining this with alternative therapies can often bring quicker results. Acupuncture does work at relieving back pain. Ultrasound treatment might also be useful.Hope you get better soon, and good luck with the gigs!

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Posted:TRY THIS: The Alexander Technique is a relaxation and ...well everything technique to allow for strengthening and healing. I promise this will work you just need to do it twice every day for 2 ten minute sessions.Semi supine1) Lie on your back with your knees facing the ceiling. Your feet should be hip width apart. 2) Place your hands palm down on your rib cages, fingers open, and breath from your pelvic floor area - the base of your abdomen. Breath in thru nose out through mouth.3) Your head should be alligned. Your body should be perfectly straight. And you should be looking up towards the ceiling, not with your head tilted back, nor forward. Just straight.4) Your shoulders should be relaxed5)Close your eyes and rest for 10 - 20 minutes. This basically allows your spine to relax into it's 'natural' length and correct allignment. Removes stress from muscles and the virtebrae. Do it morning and night. You should feel a difference. P.S GET UP VERY SLOWLY. Roll onto your side first. Then onto you knees. Then sit up. Then get up when your ready. Also try to think about letting the muscles go when you are led there. The best way to do it is to focus a 'heat' around the damaged area. Normally, this would be someones hand or a 'Mother Hand', but if you have no one to help you, just think about the area as being warm.

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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, Uk
Member Since: 19th Mar 2002
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Posted:ERM.... If you want to know anymore feel free to email me. I could try and write you out a list of things you could try. I know some the above prob sounds like it'd do nothing, but I promise it works. If you want to try other things let me know. Hope you get better mate, Dibs xxx

Can miles truly separate us from friends? If we want to be with someone we love aren't we already there? If there is someone willing to show, and there is someone willing to see; magic happens. This is whem humans are alive. This is when the wingless fly.

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Posted:Ouch! I've been trying to get over back problems for a long time (altho they arn't from one sharp trauma but rather from many succesive trauma's....) and it's only recently that I've had any sucess. I do have a couple friends that had the car accident problem, they all swear by accupuncture. I've never tried that, but i have a really wonderful physical therapist, if you have a good one and can go in a couple of times a week wonders will happen. I would assume that you didn't have any major other problems and it's just from the car accident, in which case you might be able to relax the muscles enough by a few weeks before your performance.... I really don't see poi as having that bad of an effect on your back but I suppose it all depends how you spin, and if it extends into your shoulders or neck. Good Luck! And make sure you keep treating it even after your performance, you really don't want these things to come back and haunt you!

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Posted:Sorcha,First of all, keep perspective. The 16th is 21 days away, including today. 3 weeks is actually a long amount of time concidering that the human body does tend to heal quickly. As long as it is whiplash and not slipped disc type things, you should be alright.While getting advice from here is wonderful, check with your physio first. Sometimes even the most gentle exercise can exasserbate a problem. Be cautious, be careful.I agree also with the acupuncture/acupressure...however, these things are temporary remedies and not cures. It is really important to remember that.Until you are healed, and I am sure you will be enough to do your show, try running through the hand motions of your routines or practicing with the less strenuous flags if you are worried about "losing" your stuff, which I don't think you will.Have faith in yourself lovely one, we all do. Congrats and prayers!And Cantus...my whips actually burned in my room...both the bullwhip and cat o nine tails.
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Ahhhh, what sweet memories I have of them though!
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Posted:What Pele said, although keep in mind that you can use acupuncture before the event to loosen you up as well.I swear by acupuncture (by a recommended practioner, there are always some people who aren't good at their job) as a fix for 24 hours or so.But defintely talk to a sports physio and BE CAREFUL. Your back is one thing that is not worth messing about with.Trust your own judgement but listen to the advice of the professional health people a lot more than anyone on a BB...Take care, Sorcha
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Posted:Sorcha..(And pele)Accupuncture can be a cure if you use Traditional Chinese accupuncture, and not the one were you just take away the pain (temporery remedy). When you feel pain it's your body asking for help. Somehing is wrong. It's important to heal the reason why you hurt and not just take away any symptom. In these days you can learn how to take away pain with needles in one week, but this is not (!!) accupunncture. It takes at least five to ten years to learn real Tradidional Chinese Medisine and fiftheen years more to be really, really good at it. I could go on and on talking about how this works (especially if I could write in Norwegian which would make it much easier for me) but my point is actually that you should try accupuncture, but go to someone who really knows what they are doing.I hope you get well soon. Good luck
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Posted:okay--how do you burn a whip? and--i think in some countries they torture you for that.

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Posted:Not only that.. I wouldn't recommend going and having acupuncture the day before your performance or anything, as acupuncture can really mess around with your body. Obviously it depends on each individual how quickly it has effects.. but I am speaking from my own experience. Definitely go to someone who has a heap of experience and preferably is recommended by someone you know. I mean.. accupuncture heals in a good way and you can feel 500% better in a few days/weeks/whatever after, but the 24 hours after having acupuncture really bugger my system up. (Nausea, flushes, feeling really really tired, feeling like I'm walking on air, feeling like I'm drunk or drugged). Both physical and mental processes a bit haywire. Kinda like a trip, it can be euphorically good and also horribly bad sorts of feelings afterwards. (Mostly good though).So be careful when you have it, but by all means get it a few times before your big performance. The beauty about it is that you can combine it with a range of medicinal processes and it won't counteract. It's very complimentary. Good luck...

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