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Posted:now ... wait a minute ... let me think ... it is March 22nd on HoP time ... soo ... if I am not completely losing my mind, I think our beloved Malcolm is getting married tomorrow...So... wishing you and your queen all the happiness you two deserve
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thank you for all you do for usSHINE ONCassandra

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Posted:Congrats Malcome!!Best wishes and many kisses, marriage is a beautiful thing, the pictures look great and you guys look soo happy!!! Yaaahhhh!!Sacha and Roy




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Posted:nice one
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best wishes to you both.------------------Trance the sacred spiral dance.Love and LightSpiral'ride the spiral to the end, It may just go where no-ones been'



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Posted:Congrats, Malcolm and Cherry from thePrometheus Fire Circus!Phil, Isaac, Christina, Jason, AngelaMay you populate the world with firedancing children...


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Posted:CONGRADULATIONS!!! I hope you two find long lasting happiness together! Remember that LOVE grows every day.
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