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Posted:And so much of that goes on at a Flashpoint. Last Sunday, St Kilda Beach, just after the festival.... There was a small rave at the seabaths just up the beach abit, and we definately gave them a run for their money. Imagine this folks- a group a 5 to 25 fire performers ( it varied as fatigue and lack of fuel came and went)down close to the sea, going off, some were amazing in their ability, others just learning but having the time of their lives. Back abit, in the sand now,about 50 to a hundred people of all kinds dancing and doing crazy acrobalance forms, creating weird 3 to 4 person creatures that walked and smiled ( and fell). Abit behind that, a semi circle of between 15 to 25 ( also fluctuated throughout the night) drummers, percussionists cranking our rollicking african rhythms, on djembes, derabukkas, egyptian tablas, tambourine, clapping stcks, zills, chanting....and abit behind all that, a couple of hundred spectators all watching this crazy display on the beach. The night was still, a little breezy at first but it went away later. the sky was clear and the party went on until I do not know when- I was sick as a dog and my hands are all bruised from excessive djembe so I left around 2am (i think!) What a night! Until the next one!Cheers and bruised palms,kerri@fireworksdance.

...Firebreathing? Magic is only part of it my friend, diet does the rest!

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Posted:That's it, rub it in Kerri. Now I'm really bummed I missed it!
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Just kidding. It sounds like it was an awesome night!
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