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Posted:wasup people?
I havnt been on in a wile so i dont no if some one has done this or not but i dont think so.
What ya do is get ur poi spining oposet directions, i do leg wraps to get to this.
now change one as if you were changing from forward to backward and from backward to forward. eventuely u can get it going with a flow then it look pritty sweet but its realy a simple move.
iv been wonting to invent my own move for a long time so please dont take this away from me and if u gona teach it to some one els tell em it cold The Shane-a-nator i would like it to catch on and know as The Shane-a-nator. thank you.

p.s. if there bad spelling please forgive me im only 14.

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Posted:Wow raddest move ive ever heard of, I couldn't ever come up with something like that myself. It might take me awhile to learn this but when I do im going to always call it the shane-a-nator!


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Posted:hey astar, seen the lack of respect thread? i think ur move sounds cool. whether its been done b4 or not u still thought to urslef 'hey! i made that up all by myslef!' which is whats best isnt it? hug

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.
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Posted:Yes, Shane, this move has been done smile

Pretty much everything has been done so its gonna be mighty hard to actually make a new move up. Theres a basic naming structure that covers pretty much all the moves that you will probably learn if ya read the boards enough. Things would get kinda confusing if every move had its own name like "the shane-a-nator"

Keep up the good work though!

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flash fire

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Posted:Hi Shane,

HOP would like to apologise for any offence taken to Astar's comments.

keep up the good work!

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