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Posted:Im looking to find free hosting or very cheap paid hosting for a small website, not selling anything... just a personal one... with loadsa pictures and a few mpeg format videos!!

things that i must have are... Ftp transfer, and ftp transfer.... if paying for hosting... no popups would be good.!

free site hosting that i have found never seems to have ftp transfer or at least it never works....

so what are the best "cheap" hosting packages out there?

help me please!!

frodo out!!

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Posted:I got a pretty cheap deal through

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Posted:KITTYN!!! as in Bustagroove dancing cat girl character? ubblove


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Posted:Pretty much every hoster will give you ftp upload access, i've never seen one (other than the ones aimed at stoopid people like angelfire) that doesn't.

Finding free bandwidth for videos will be hard, good luck! In the world of hosting there's no escaping the fact that bandwidth (at a decent speed anyway) costs money, the companies which offer unlimited generally either fold, have 10s of thousands of sites off one 100mbit connection, in the small print say something like "10Gb maximum" or cost a lot of cash. But, leimmie know if you find anywhere on the cheap that is reliable and gives +40gb transfer



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Posted:I've been using and am pretty impressed. Prices are reasonable, cust. serv. is awsome.

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