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  Posted: EDIT = Been getting some complaints bout this so again, I warn all people who are very religious that the following thread may offend you. Please be prepared. I have also edited some text from this first post so that it may be a *little* less offensive to some.

Am I the only one who thinks all religion is junk? Every where I go there are people talking about their beliefs. Not only that, but they use their beliefs to try and govern other peoples lives. Why? Why is it so important to have meaning in life? Why do people need to believe that when they die, theyll go to heaven? Isnt life good enough without some crazy ass story about where they came from and where theyre going? Why cant everyone just live with the fact that were just here and enjoy it while it lasts?

The reason I ask these questions is because it seems that more bad comes from religion than good. Take a look around. Notice how many people have died due to their beliefs. Look at all the wars that have come, gone, and are still going on in the name of god. Look at how much our lives are restricted by things that are not moral. Even our technology is suffering. Why cant I clone myself if I wanted to? Why cant we use stem cells to help people? Why cant a rape victim get an abortion? And why cant an 80 year old man dying from some awful disease put himself out of his misery?

There is so much physical evidence that disproves religion, yet, people hang on and whole heartedly believe these fantastical stories about god(s) and the afterlife. It really gets to me because regardless of the fact that I dont believe in it, Im forced to live my life as if I do.

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