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today here on korean t.v. i saw some sort of traditional dance thing, you'll have to excuse me, i don't know the name or all those kinda details. but the sleves of the costume were very long. like maybe two meters, the people(dancers) wearing them were also holding on to short sticks, so giving the long sleve things abit more size.anyway they swung them around in very similar comet fashion, although a lot slower, and maybe in a more graceful weaving stuff, just alternate kind of moves, it was beautiful.just thought i'd share with the group

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A bit like flags? Or have i misunderstood?

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sorry i don't know flags, but these are part of the garment, no strings. it the beautiful combination of comets and staff.

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Done something a bit like that, but it actually was with comets. I'd been playing around with my uv poi before the club got too busy, and didn't want to leave them just sitting around (not that I don't trust the thieving bastards at my uni that stole my bike lights and mud guards or anything), so I wrapped the strings around my hands and held the poi balls so I was dancing with the uv tails. Looked really good, especially under strobe lights!

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Hmm I entered this thread thinking heh heh, slave dancing (as you do) and was a bit disappointed that it had nothing to do with Star Wars (as you do)
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Sounds like a cool version of flags, which are long pieces of silky light cloth with a heavy string sewn along one end.Ask Dangerboy a bit more about them as he does them really well, and might be able to tell you more...I'm guessing having them sewn into the garment would make it look very styly but perhaps restrict a few moves as well.There are several dances I've seen with similar costumes, except the sleeves were nowhere near two metres in length.Usually predominate in asian cultures, especially indonesia and a up towards Japan...------------------Charles (AKA INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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