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Posted:I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up that tickets for Burning Flipside (Texas's regional Burning Man event) will be going on sale starting February 7.

You can find more information about Flipside here . In short, it is the biggest regional event put on by any state, is held over memorial day weekend, and is an absolute blast. There are many fire spinners in attendance and even a theme camp dedicated solely to fire spinning and teaching others.

It is held on a private campground with a cold water creek (very nice during the daytime), running water for showers, and real flushable toilets. There is an attendance cap, and last year tickets sold out rather quickly which is why I am giving you the heads up now. Online ticket prices will be announced the day they start selling them, but they will be at least $50, and probably $55 or $60 per ticket.

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Posted:i just got my ticket in the mail and was wondering if any spinners from HOP will be at Flipside 08' (Dr. Tiki's Combustable Medicine Show)... i need some help learning new moves. please let me know, thanX

do poi spinners exist in west texas?


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