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Posted:When spinning poi, do you have to hold it wrapped around your fingers, or can you just hold it in your hands?
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Posted:fire poi DEFINATLY in the fingers, with a saftey strap around teh wrist, with training poi its best to put them around ur fingers, but some moves you need to have either one or both lose eg. for one handed butterfly it is needed for one to be lose so that it can pass to the other hand. weavesmiley aimz xx


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Posted:i agree with aimee, with fire, i feel safer (in that my poi are less likely to fly off) with finger loops, ive never used a wrist strap but they are probably a good idea too.

with out fire, i generally use socks, and i just like to hold them in my hands smile

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Posted:My personal preference is double finger loops, worn on my index and middle fingers. Never much been a fan of holding the poi chain/cord between my thumb and index finger, unless i'm only spinning like 1 glowstick on each poi.

I just don't feel like I have the control and timing that I do with the finger loops. My timing goes all to hell if I hold the chain between my thumb and index finger. I still get all the same moves out, but there are times when one poi tries to catch up with the other, and they just won't stay 180 deg's apart. Switch back to finer loops, and my timing is back to normal. Don't know why that is, and it certainly isn't that way for everyone. Plenty of folks like the other method.

As far as safety is concerned, some sort of precaution should be taken to keep your fire chains from flying off your hands. If you prefer to hold your poi cords between your thumb and index finger, then I would recomend the single loop handle. Wear the loop on your pinky or ring finger and lay the rest of handle over your index finger. Grip with your thumb the way you would your normal poi and spin away!

Another idea I read from a user on this board is to put a key ring on the end of the chain. Put the key ring over your pinky, and hold the chain itself with your thumb/index finger and spin away again! I couldn't do this, I just can't get a comfortable hold of #15 ball chain. It's because of this that I have difficulty sometimes shortening my chains mid-show to do small chain moves, but I'm improving.

I guess what's important is to just make sure the poi isn't going anywhere you don't want it to go. Other than that, it's all personal preference.

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Another idea I read from a user on this board is to put a key ring on the end of the chain. Put the key ring over your pinky, and hold the chain itself with your thumb/index finger and spin away again!

That was probably me, I used to make all my poi with a little finger ring, and still do with my fire chains.

It's mainly cos that's what I'm used to; people who are used to finger loops find the pinky ring quite uncomfortable.

One advantage to it is that it's easier to get your finger in and out which helps with going into/out of one handed moves.

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Posted:I use double finger loops, and always start out my spins with both hands in the loops. I end up getting my fingers out of them for throws and stuff, and I've always felt quite safe simply holding on to the loops without my fingers being in them. Double finger loops and a wrist strap and super glue and a safety midget or whatever requirements some people recommend seem a bit overkill in my opinion... your grip is much stronger than you might imagine.