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Posted:i was talking to a friend recently and we were talking about two main topics..
1. style (which I KNOW have has been talked about, but another view will be added) and 2. the gummint and our scene...

1. his theory is that you are either fluid or static, on top of that you can be acrobatic, artistic or martial artist like...
so in other words, you can be a fluid moving, acrobatic style ...or static moving, martial artist in style for two examples...what do you guys think..i think he's got it pretty covered, but he hasn't taken into account other stuff, like the speed at which the tricks are done, which is a part of style...at the end of the day it's neither here nor there as long as you live the scene and play nice...but still..tell me what you think he's missed or hasn't he missed anything?

and 2. its seems to be that the fire scene is seen as an 'anti-social' and 'dangerous' by the government..and there are tips going around that our scene, no our LIFESTYLE will be 'forced' back underground like skating was and the modified car scene is being currently...do you think that it'll happen? if yes, is there a way to stop it? ubbloco

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Posted:I figure catergorization is bad, and poi will end up like electronic music when people start.

Also I do expect some slinging from the government for fire poi because it is potentially dangerous for structures and whatnot.


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I figure catergorization is bad, and poi will end up like electronic music when people start.

i agree, catergorization is bad. not entirely sure i could make sense of the rest of that. but yea... we dont want catagories, everyone should have a different unique style, personal to them. peace

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