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Sista Firewire

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Posted:Did anyone play fireropes indoor?
I got asked to do a show,aparently the hall is very big and "very "high-(gonna look at it next week and see what that means)
and it has a wooden floor.I am wondering what kind of carped I could use,So it doesnt get slippery -cause ropes just spit a bit-but is also save,in case I touch it?
anyone an idea?
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Posted:Things to think about are: -

1. Fire alarms going off. I would think that it's compulsory in public buildings to have fire alarms switched on at all times.

2. Fumes; paraffin gives off loads, in a confined space it could be bad.

3. Insurance is unlikely to cover indoors fire shows.

On a couple of occasions I've been asked to do fire inside a night club, and on both the person asking has had no knowledge of any of the above, and, when I mentioned the above issues, has been willing for me to do it anyway. I turned them down cos it seemed well dodgy to me.

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Posted:I use fire ropes alot but nothing indoors I have used 6 ft fire whips indoors they throw off alot more fuel than ropes when I would do indoor work with the whips I would lay commado cloth on the ground to work on a welding blanket work work great as well. you can even do spinn offs on the welding blankets and ignite them withoput damage to the flooring underneath long as it is wood.I even went to the length to cover my stage area with thin 1/4 ply wood just so i could light the floor on fire.

welding blankets are about US $35 each I think any perormer working indoors shoulc have at least on of thoose.
hope this helps ya

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