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Posted:My dad watched the crappy video I made of me spinning poi and he said "Why don't we make you clothes that glow. Then people can still kind of see you."

Now...that's a fun idea. He has neon wire that we're gonna sew to a pair of pants and a shirt. Should be fun and add a little to the attraction of the spinning. Because you can see me moving as well. I update this when I complete the project. ubbidea

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tesla coils are scary things. they zap you if you come within X number of feet from them.

i have glowy stuff in my car too! except it all broke frown i totally had the raver car going on......i've got a JVC deck and changer (always bumping trance and house), a rockford fosgate punch amp and a pair of 10" woofers. add that to a blue neon light in my back seat that flashed in time to the music, and blue neon flashing tireflys (the caps for the tire hose thingy). but my tireflies either fell off or got stolen, and my light busted somehow. oh well. at least i have my stereo biggrin

i got some of those. cut the valvs off of some flat tires and glued them to my crystal stix. i can screw them on anytime i want to use them, but they flass chinda slow, still work good though.

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Posted:aha glowing thingies
love them, i generally wear a mix of bright panelled uv reactive clothing and goth.
for glowy stuff reflective stuff and all you sparkly magpie needs try out
the long cool neon things ive found are called 'space noodles' in some places also worth a look is
it used to be fantastic, then they re-did the site and it looks poo
shopuld be lots of stuff for glowy clothes just look for links to cyber wear or cyber goth.
i like to look like im radioactive when im near a uv light, and i just got glowy poi.
cant wait to try them

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