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Posted:Ok, I'm the first to admit that I [censored] up. Being in hurry to get to a gig I forgot my beloved Concentrate staff in the taxi. DOH!!! And since I'm currently in Colombia there's not even a slim chance that I will get it back. Sigh... frown
Being a constant traveler it's kind of hard to order a new one since I have no permanent address but I've been in contact with the Swedish Embassy in Panama so I can have a new one delivered there so I can pick it up when I swing through there in a month or so.
In the mean time I made a new one from some aluminium pipe, bike tire for handle and some towel, which constantly has to be changed. Far from the real deal but at least I can still do performances. I miss my old one frown

Anyway, currently I'm in Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast. Quite a few tourists here so there's a god opportunity to make some money doing performances along the waterfront. We made quite a nice bundle of cash on the first show we did but the police showed up right away telling us that we had to have a permit. Oh well.
Next day we went to city hall and without any hassle at all we got the permit. Wohoo!!! biggrin
So the same night we were back doing shows but the police didn't care at all. Just came to watch us. Even got a bit of $$$ from one of them smile
The next night though they showed up wanting to see a permit. We showed it to them and after a lot of confusion (the girl I'm traveling with knows a little bit of Spanish while mine is pretty non-existent) we got hauled off to the Police station. Eventually it turned out that we didn't have the permit after all. What we had was the permit to get the permit! Huh? confused Oh, well nothing should suprise me about this country by now and yes, Colombia is exactly as crazy as you might think it is but it is beautiful and the people are very warm and friendly.
Anyway, yesterday we went back to cityhall to ge the real permit this time. After spending a few hours there it turned out that the person we had to talk to wasn't there. So we had to come back the next day... mad
Now we have a meeting appointed in an hour so wish us luck. Maybe we'll get the permit for the permit for the permit this time...

BTW Does anyone know how it is to do street performances up in Costa Rica? I know the place is loaded with Americans so we hope to make a bit of traveling cash while we're there. Also is anyone here going to the Rainbow Gathering in Costa Rica? Would be fun to meet up.

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Posted:Sounds like you having a fun, or at least interesting time in Colombia smile I was born in Armenia Colombia, west of Bogota, its kind of at the halfway mark if you were traveling from the capital to the ocean. I don't know if you went through or even near it, pretty place I guess, but I doubt its much for tourists. Plus it got fairly leveled by an earthquake years back so I don't know how much it's rebuilt.

But yeah, it sounds cool. I wish I could go back but my family is worried about the safety and they don't want me to be taken by the government and put in their army. Which I guess if valid, maybe, I mean they could do that legally if I'm right, I think I still have a dual citizenship, though I thought that thing expired at some point. I just put US citizen on everything anyways.

I don't know much about Costa Rica, well besides what I know from a friend who "studied" down there and loved it. I don't think he passed any of his courses though.

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Posted:Sounds like you're having a blast dude, even if you are having permit hassle. I soooo wanna travel through South America. 2 friends of mine are doing it at the moment and their emails sound so incredible. But I'll get there some day.....

Hope you get your permit for your permit for your permit smile

Have fun peace

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