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Posted:Hi all. Not posted in a while, cos I've been exploring India. Just thought I'd report that the art of Poi, both fire and non-fire, is thriving on the west coast of Goa, lots of people buying Poi to play with in the daytime, and at night, those wonderful telltale streams of flame all along the beach.I'm at Palolem, a staggeringly beautiful beach near the south of Goa, my haven after the hard travel through 'Indian India'. Non-fire Poi are either bagged and tailed like the Rainbow Flyte ones Malcolm sells, or little cylinders with short streamers coming out of one end and string at the other, a lot like tubecore fire wicks but made of cheap plastic, or even cardboard.Fire Poi are generally made by UK or NZ expats here, unwelded chain (tut!), aluminium core, double-loop handles, mostly tube core though I've seen one cathedral, and the quoted prices t Anjuna Flea Market this afternoon started at about 1200 rupees (44 rupees to the US dollar, 67 to the UK pound), though since I wasn't buying, I've no idea what they might have come down to with some serious haggling. But frm 1200 start, 600's probably not unrealistic.Best go, horribly unrelible conection and might get a power cut any minute, but that's my report from India.Anyone else visiting anywhere exciting at the moment?mikeyB

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Posted:Cue Alabama 3: "Now don't you go to Goa!"




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Posted:YAY !!!welcome back MickeyB. and NAMASTE !Nice to hear from you and oh so nice to hear about all that I am going to do next year too ...
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Is the beach you are at the one you'd recommend ? is it close to arambol ? ohm beach ?How's spinning in other parts ofindia ? Did you go to dharamsala ? delhi ? radjahstan ...ok ..; I admit ... i'm all jumping up and down thinking of all that
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Want to hear more
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Posted:*sings* I believe I'm gonna shut down my chakra,Shift Shiva off my shelf,Take down my tie dyes, my tibetan bells....Is that enough Dom?

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Posted:*Joins in* Cool down ma karma with a drop o' gasoline...Fantastic, and strangely appropriate. Nice to hear you're having a good time. T--------------------"Too much television watchin' got me chasin' dreams..."--

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