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Posted:OK, so here's a question that I though I would post cause it's been making me crazy.

There's this tree that grows in the desert. After a few years it secretes this oil substance that is flammable. After awhile the tree just spontaneously combusts and burns up. Then a new tree grows in its spot(kinda pheonix like huh?). I saw it on the discovery channel or something. I wanted to know if any of you knew the name of the tree.
Thanks people ubbrollsmile

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Posted:A self-combustible tree. Snap. Couldn't even guess but now I'm curious so I poked around. There's a tree discussion group:
Lemme know what you find out.

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Posted:The famous burning bush from the bible.


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Posted:I found this
Desert Trees

It might help if you could remember which desert area the show was aired at. I had found the Mojave(sp) desert listing of plant life online.

Hope that helps smile

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Posted:It is in the middle east.


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