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Kapura Mataaro

Kapura Mataaro

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Posted:What music do u listen to whilst fire dancing? tell me cos i wanna find some new tunes... i like the prodigy, very funky, jet...etc...the hippies at our usual hangout play bongos and thats damn cool...what do you guys and gals listen to? ubbloco

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:i listen to anytype of music. You could say im musically open minded. But usually its dance, or r'n'b n e thing with a heavy beat to it, summink that gets ma hips wiggling biggrin


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Posted:Not wishing to sound harsh or shirty, BUT,

Have you tried using the "SEARCH" function for this topic?

There are many, many threads on this subject!


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Posted:i prefer techno/house hehe


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Posted:Anything with a steady beat, so most techno will work, but anything with drums as the core is better. Jungle is the absolute best. Ever listen to Freakyflow or Deiselboy while spinning?


Tao Star

Tao Star

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Posted:I like folk techno, with a beat, but also an amazing tune that's designed to dance to, some Infected Mushroom, or Shpong.

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Posted:Yay silvur - i'm wit u on teh jungle ting! and all it's relations ... most especially DNB!!!...mmmmmmmmm ubbrollsmile
(and there i was thinkin most peeps round here were down wit the psy trance etc..shame on me)..

p.s by dieselboy i take it u meanin the dj from the US?