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Posted:hey hey peeps,

just a call to all the spinners that'll be heading to the best trance fesetival in australia on the 23-26th of this month.

let me know if ur coming so we can meet up and have a jam. and collectively pray for rain so there isn't a fire ban!

see you by the right speaker stack...

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Posted:I will be there....

In fact, I can't wait.

There looks to be at least two very impressive fire shows happining during the festival. Not sure bout free for all spinning though.

I gonna take my glow toys smile

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Posted:My friend James from over here in Perth will be going. I heard that he has some LED poi so He'd be bringing them I'd say. Does anyone there know where the relay gear is? There were posts that was on the way to Cairns a while back, but you never know?



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Posted:i was allowed to go. now im not. not happy parents. dammit being 6 months of telling them to shove it! i'll be there in spirit! and sorry bart, i hope u find a tent!

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