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Posted:hey everyone
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ever since i started, Poi has become part of me. when i introduce myself to people or am asked for info aboout myself i always include Poi.i learn (im saying learn and not study cause well it's not a very developed? class) art at school (12th grade!! woohoo)and after thinking for like 5 months on the subject-what will be my final art project be- i decided to include or rather base my project on Poi and twirling. im going to make a sort of movie of myself twirling and put a tv inside a very "noisy" room. trying to make others feel what i feel when im with the just felt i needed to share with you.[This message has been edited by Acid (edited 10 March 2002).]

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Posted:Im also thinking of bringing my twirling into my university work,my idea of what i want to do is a performance piece in a very dark room with a couple of lab bunson burners and a load of chemicals, and after the people file in i will start a chemistry lecture talking about how different chemicals produce different colours when they burn meanwhile i will light up my Poi and start to twirl then using other colour flames as my lecture goes on, i just wish i was taught that way.------------------"smoking makes you look cool" His Majestys personal Elvis

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Posted:hi,I tried bringing my stick into my uni stuff, but I ended up hating having to use something I loved and was very uncomplicated for me in the context of academic discourse. It kinda put me off stick a little (better now
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) so beware! course it depends on your course and colledge, mine is right up its own post-avant fart hole. so hey...good luck peeps
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Posted:I'm planning to bring my twirling to school, too... but in a different context.I am currently a Master's student in Elementary Education at the University of Pennsylvania. I student teach a kindergarten class in a public school in West Philadelphia. In a few weeks, I will be teaching a unit I designed on making movies. The science component of my unit will be on the princliple of "persistence of vision," which is the principle that our retinas hold an image for a fraction of a second. That is why we see a series of still images flicked before our eyes as a moving picture, and why we see twirling fire/beaming/glow Poi as circles of light.On the day that we begin our science unit, I will turn off the lights in the classroom and twirl glowsticks for my students. Then we will discuss why they saw the glowing circles.Just thought I'd share...
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Posted:Hey twirlgirl, are you sure it's a kindergarden class you're student teaching for? I would have loved to have that as a lesson when I was in kindergarden
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(all we really got were politeness classes, right and wrong, math and I learned my ABC's there
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