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yetserday i caught my sister and her friends trying to out do eachother with their battle being the mature person i am i thought id do the same with you guys biggrin

right so here are mine:

1) well this is a kinda scar..i have pencil lead stuck in one of my toes

2) a scar on my left foot from my friends wok falling off the hob and splashing my with hot oil .. much swearing ensued!!

3) scar on my right shin from running into an ill placed wall..whoever built it where it is is an idiot has nothing to do with me running round in pitch black at all!!

4) scar on my butt cheek ... was hiding behind a wall from my mum (was in trouble) slid down the wall to crouch on the floor to hide better..only not realising that leaning again that wall was the broken glass door to my mums display cabinate screams gave away where i was!!

5)scar on my chin from chasing my sis around a shopping mall, with newly polished floors..hence me going arse over tit and taking a chunk out my chin ..all in perfect timing for school photos biggrin

6) scar on my cheek that you can barely see anymore sis and i used to put toothpaste over our faces then pretend to be like dad..bright spark here decided to used dads razor one day instead of the usual handle of the toothbrush ... again much blood curdling screams followed!

7)a scar in my hairline..have no idea how it got there!?!?!? possible cause for it may be me trying to do a flip off my dressing table!!?! who knows!

so comeon out do me!! tongue

she who sees from up high smiles

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Written by: Fitria

Oh good god this will take a while:

I am going to go from top to bottom of my body:

1. The three under my nose from the reconstructive surgery when I was just one week old

2. The scar on my top lip from the same operation

3. The two scars on the bottom of my lip from more reconstructive surgery when I was only five

4. Two scars in my mouth from even more reconstructive surgery when I was 13. (on the top part of my gum)

5. The scar on my pointer finger on my left hand from where I almost sliced off the top part of my finger during my chefing days.

6. Scar on my left thumb also a victim of my knife when I was doing chefing.

7. Scar on my right arm from a cancerous mole being taken off

8. Four separate burn scars from poi (wrist wraps are my enemy)

9. Scar on both my left and right wrists from when I was working in a chemical company and in an Occ Health and Safety issue some was spilled....I slipped in it and broke my fall with my wrists and hands...the chemicals ate away at my skin and scarred me very lightly.

10. Scar on my hip from more reconstructive surgery when I was thirteen (yes it was at the same time as my mouth, they took a bone from my hip, cut it in half and placed it in my mouth).

11. Scar on my left knee from a cat scratch when I was about 10

12. Scar on my right shin from a cigarette burn that was given to me by my nasty ex.

13. I have small scars in each of my ears and also in my nose from piercings that I used to have

These aren't really scars from here but some weird things:

I also have a little bit of graphite in my right hand from when I was 7 years old.

I have a permanent bruise on my right hand near my little finger from a skating accident.

And last but by far not the least I have a hole in the roof of my mouth (it's called a fistula) out of which I can make the freakiest noises.

I think that is about it. Oh well it is all I remember at this point in time.

Had to dust off this old one cause I needed to add more to my list (as above under my previous login name).

14: I have another cigarette burn scar on my right arm now, due to a friend giving me a drunken hug while he was holding a cigarette which ended up on my skin.

15: 6 scars on my right foot all from a bad burn with a wire wool cage accident.

16: A huge scar on my left shoulder also from an accident with wire wool cages.

17. A cut from a razor has left my left arm with a mark that runs most of the length. (never refuse to give money to a drunken idiot on the street when they have a razor blade in their hand)

18: There is a small straight cut on my right arm near my elbow...I have no idea where it came from.

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- scar on my left wrist (broken bottles on the ground+ moshpit)
-scar on my right ankle from getting it squashed between pier and boat while fuelling it up.
- scar on my left shoulder from getting thrown around in that same boat(400 horsepower on a 9 meter boat+ waves+ me and my dad drunk)
- ciggie burn on left wrist, ex girlfriend
- scar on right shoulder from those cool soviet all in one vaccination, they used to give out in moscow when i was born
- numerous unidentified ciggie burns
- scar on palm, trying to jump a barbwire fence when i was 6
- scar on my lip- drunkenes


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*hangs head in shame*
i only have 1 scar

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wow that is great for you!!!!

Wish I had so little amount.

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Lol, long list

1. Enormous ugly thing on my right leg - went horse riding, got bucked off, splinter of glass in the ground got in there. The skin healed over the top but it was festering away underneath .yuk.

2. Left eyebrow - was young, ran into a table - as you do.

3. Forhead - another table, only this time i slipped

4. Bottom Lip - tore the whole thing off!

5. Left Arm - Hot poi cable caught me

6. Right Leg - Faulty razor

7. Right elbow - hit it on something

8. Belly - underneath my piercing theres a wierd little scar

9. Temple - some stupid kid scratched me when i was in kinergarden

10. Moon shaped scar on my right leg from an exhaust pipe

11. Numerous scars on my arms from a time in my life i am not proud of and wouldnt like to repeat.

12. Knuckle scar - aim went wrong in taekwondo

Thats it...for now

.:Pink Exocutioner:.

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why not


1. multiple scarification accross my fingers from soldering iron.

2. scar on inside of right ankle from glass cut... (beach shrapnil) 5 stitches!

3. 2nd scar on inside right ankle from protruding root, almost another 6 stiches

4. multiple scars on my forehead from being dropped when i wz a kid (aw he's so cute, i just gotta pick it up!)

*me cotches in a bucket*

5. scar on my left eyeball (2mm below retiner) scar on left top lip, scar on right forarm and bicep from chlorine bomb accident.

6. scar on left quad muscle from playing 'peg' with a 5mm diamiter tent peg

7. roastie on left elbow and left knee from being tripped on concrete pathway

8. burn scar on left forearm from crazy party trick

9. scar on right lower back from poi body wrap gone wrong

10. multiple (like 300) small scars on stomach and inner (left and right) biceps from wraps with wire poi (bad design for wraps)

11. scars on left lower arm (2cm from elbow), right arm over chlorine burn and left shoulder from boils (age 9 - bad patch)

12. scar on inner right thigh from barbed wire fence

13. 16 scars on my left arm from fighting with a boganviliar (<-spelin) bush... They'll fade... you should see the bush now... or not really IT'S NOT THERE! biggrin

hmmm i think tht's about it!

Regards hug

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Written by: Lycanthrope

*hangs head in shame*
i only have 1 scar

you have serious regeneration abilities... it's not your fault!


Regards hug

(Ice-E FyreStorm - Group Manager & Performer)

You know those people your parentals warned you about?... I'M ONE OF THEM! ubbloco
Yes, i do bite!!

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Lemme see, the "quick list"

4 stitches, R foot
Medial Mallius fracture, L ankle
perm. scar on L. knee from gravel slide
3 stitches, R knee
Hernia surgery scar
latest scar, lower back, from back surgery in October
sprained ribs
broken collar bone
floating bone chip in elbow
collies fracture, R. wrist (surgical rebuild)
MANY hand scars
butterfly stitches in forehead (mostly gone now)
And I think I have a "permanent" skin burn from being an idiot in the sun too.

And I know I'm leaving things out

Socks (Who, in dog years and hospital bills, shoudl probably be dead by now...)

I'm weird. Just work through that and we'll all be fine.

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here goes...

- big scar on my leg caused by a windsurfing sail
- several scars on my ankles from a rope being caught around it when i capsized a boat
- scar on my left hand from putting it through a window
- scar that looks like an apendix scar but i actually got when i burnt myself taking cookies out of the oven!!
- several burn scars on my arms from being generally acident prone when near the aga
- several operation scars on my wrists
- long scar on palm of my hand from carpal tunnel decompression operation
- too many to count piercing scars
- scar on the back of my head from when i was three and slid off a windowsill (indoors) and hit my head on the radiator below

i think thats it but i seem to be adding more and more every day, although i don't seem to be as accident prone as some of you!

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- Burn scar on my thigh when my clothing caught on fire during some poi

-3 Inch scar on my arm from a fishing accident *I got a hook embedded in my arm!!! ^_^*

-Black eye from swinging my keys as poi

-A small scar on my knee from a bike accident

-Bruse from being hit in the head by a gamecube controller*Dont ask =/*

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well i dont have many but here goes:
twin scars on my knees (one on each)barbwire

2 on left palm one a chisel one i cut a chunk out with scissers

mid finger stanley knife nearly took it off

3 on back left hand =pellet gun ,solder, and a leaf cut (dont ask)

1 on right hand solder

1 from neck to butt crack (barbwire)

1on top lip a swing smacked me when i was 5

1under my right eye something happened when i was small ? and 1more under that from michel jackson he punched me (hes not famous just a drunken farmer)but that is his name

right hand-glass window (not like ther are many other kinds)

i got more but i pull them out later

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I have scars to about 60%+ of my skin.

You guys are all lightweights.

Currently on the right side up of the world.

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ubblol @ Flynt

i have a new(ish) one...
on my thumb, where my ring was almost ripped off... i got a dent there now!

Regards hug

(Ice-E FyreStorm - Group Manager & Performer)

You know those people your parentals warned you about?... I'M ONE OF THEM! ubbloco
Yes, i do bite!!

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