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Posted:After one day back at uni from a month holiday, I decided that i should treat myself to a day off, and edit the rest of the footage from this weekend. I spent the entire day at my computer doing it, but it'f finally finished. Both files are zipped (you'll need to download winzip or another decompressor if you don't already have it), and are wmv files that open in windows media player. They are zipped to stop your computer trying to stream them/cain my bandwidth.

Dialup Version (10 megs)

Broadband Version (56 megs)

Trailer (5 megs)

Warning! Not suitable for anyone under 18, or over 18 for that matter, as it contains brief footage of mech demonstrating the windmill with his flacid penis rolleyes. There's also pictures online too:




Lemmie know what you think, and feel free to leave comments under pictures using the provided dialog


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Posted:sweet dude


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