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Posted:So a "normal" weave has two points, from what I gather. To make weaves with more points I...

3-point: throw a buzzsaw in the center
4-point: tuck on each side
5-point: tuck on each side + buzzsaw in center

Is there a 6-point (without turning), and beyond? Does anyone accomplish the above number of points differently?

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Posted:What do you mean by points? Centre of rotation or location around arm and body the poi swing?

What do you mean by tuck? As in same arm twist at a tuck turn or the extra wrist curl on a 5 beat?

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Posted:Points aren't exactly a widely used term, but the way I've heard them, a point is a hand position for a move, usually just weaves. A regular 3 beat or 5 beat or 7 beat or whatever beat weave has 2 points, one on the left side of your body, another on your right. A fountain has four, two left, two right. For a 4 point weave, you basically do a fountain, but in wheel plane instead of wall plane. If you really twist your waist, you can manage to get another on each side, but it looks sloppy and you have to break your planes a little bit... I wouldn't bother smile It's basically doing the weave while spinning in a circle, but every 270 degrees you change directions so your torso doesn't snap biggrin