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Forums > Help! > How long, How heavy staff?

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Posted:I want to buy a staff and i looked at a couple today ( not sure im looking in right place either). I am new to the staff and just need a beginners one really. ubbidea
One split into 3 was quite long and light, but the other was shorter, heavier and a bit more expensive. umm

How do I decide which one is for me and can you recommend one? confused

Thanks in advance beerchug

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Posted:Usually you should get a staff which when held in the middle just fits under your arm so you can do tricks there, because if too long it will hit your side............. which hurts.
Weight is up to you really, which ever you feel comfortable with. Also check if the staff is well balanced by holding it in the middle and feeling for the weight distribution.
Thats pretty much all i have to say, hope it was helpful!! If you need any more help just ask! Good Luck!

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Depends what you want it for. Any lengths good.

longer, thinker, heavier easier for contact moves, though easier doesn't mean moves can't be done on others.

Thinner ones are easier to finger twirl and spin faster (I'm told rolleyes)

Tricks learnt on a short staff can be taken acros to the longer one but not always the other way round.

To be honest I wouldn't worry yourself about it anyway. I'm sure if you enjoy staff and are unhappy with the one you buy in a while you'll be making your next one anyway.... biggrin

Consider making your own now even, unless you want break down.

In summary.....it's up to you wink but don't fret too much you'll prob love which ever you go fore smile

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Liquid Cow
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Ok, there's a couple of steps to working out what kind of staff you like:

Grab a broomhandle. Preferably one without the brush bit, although it's certainly interesting if it's still attached
Spin aforementioned broomhandle around a bit
Get a shorter staff if you think the broomhandle is too long, or vice versa.
Get a lighter staff if you think the broomhandle is too heavy, or vice versa.

Alternatively, you could ask as many people as possible if you could borrow theirs for a few minutes to see what kind of staff you're most comfortable with. If anyone says no without a good reason, feel free to poke them in the eyes - they deserve it.

Basically, preferred type of staff is a very personal thing, so it's best to start with something cheap or borrowed so you can work out exactly what's best for you.

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old hand
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Posted:dude, i made mine this weekend and it rocks!! under 15 quid!

its a joe sixsteps design and it rocks! its good for me and u can change the amount of weight on the ends! so if u wanna have a go, pm me and ill send u the instructions!!

frodo out

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old hand
Location: In a van
Member Since: 30th Jun 2003
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Posted:did i mention that was a fire staff?

passing through, this world still lives.


Keeper of the Spitfire
Location: Calgary Canada
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Posted:Yeah, i'm going with that design too.
I like Joes and Frodos staffs, and I'm half way through making mine now. biggrin biggrin biggrin

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