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Posted:Hey everyone! I'm new here and to the Poi scene. I got my first taste from a friend from NY who's fairly good [amazed the heck out of me and mai friends]. Thought it'd be fun to learn [You know... improve hand eye coordination, exercise, plus looks REALLY cool]. I tried searching for everything over the internet since you can find virtually anything online. I was suprised to see very few sites on poi except for this one [awesome!] and "geocities/firepoi". Is Poi really not that big of a sport/hobby? [not known] or what? just wondering...------------------"Happiness is not a destination, but a method for life"- Burton Hills

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Posted:hey TaiGuy and welcome
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- i don't know how big Poi is in general but where i come from i am...one in a million
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Posted:Hey Taiguy....on the East coast in the U.S. it is not known much at all...and that makes us a rare comodity!!!!!!!! Well, then again, once you get to know us you'll find most of us are that anyway!Welcome and happy (and safe) spinning!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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Posted:From what i have heard it is pretty rare and in small pockets around the world.I think Australia would have about the largest portion of twirlers, just from info that travellers have said.I think it may be something that still has some sort of stigmata attached to it being only for hippies and gypsies or something like that maybe? circus folk.....but we're trying our darndest to change that!

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Posted:spose it would depend on whatcha call rarity: i have met about twenty or so here in jhb (johannesburg south africa), which is quite a backward city all things considered.i guess it would be more in bigger more 'civilised' cities like sydney, NY, LA etc but i don't know for sure.you meet a lot more people with tongue piercings but a lot less with cybernetic enhancements such as additional arms.on my personal rarity scale i'd give it a 'there's still opportunity to impress people' rating.l8ro-o


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