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Posted:Just wondering if there's anyone in Nottingham or the surrounding area who's a member of this site.

Not you, originalsmit

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Posted:hehe twirling in Knots ubblol

(slip or reef?)

(apologies for silliness)

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Posted:theres a few, they do regular Poi meets too. just look around the board and you will find them.


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Posted:yeah we do!!! wave

we've been meeting up on sunday nights for a few months but the turnout's been getting pretty poor lately. this year i might try and sort out something bigger on a less regular basis kinda like Poi in the park.... keep an eye on jugglers in town for posters or flyers!

if you want to meet up before then there's a lot of us that live in the lenton area so send me an e-mail with you're mob. no. etc... and we can hook up for a spin!!! weavesmiley


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Posted:hi folks im looking for a teacher in the notts area for my wife (a strange swap..the old jokes are the best!!) she knows a few bits but wants to advance


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