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remembers when it was all fields round here
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Posted:On Boxing Day, I visited my mum. Noticed she was a little tired and confused, but put it down to the excitement of Christmas.

Last night my eldest sister called me to apologise for not being present on that day, and asked whether I'd noticed any change in our mum. I told her what I'd seen and asked why she thought she should be. confused She was suprised that no-one had told me, but let me know that our mum had fallen ill a couple of days before Christmas. She didn't go to the doctor until after Christmas because she didn't want to be in hospital then, so I think she didn't mention it to me because she didn't know what is was then. The tests confirmed that she'd had a transient ischaemic attack ("mini-stroke"). frown

She's at home with medication, but today she told my 17 year old brother to leave home by tomorrow because she cannot support him. Although he doesn't know what else he wants to do, he's coming to live with me temporarily, so hopefully we can help him get onto benefits/a job and find him somewhere more permanent. I'm sorry this has happened between them, however, I think it's best for both of them as they have both been very depressed over the past year.

Anyway, that's the start of my new year. I know you will understand if I can't post much here in the next few months while things calm down. I'll come back as often as I can and will still be on the old PM, e-mail and ICQ.


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sending many hug s and well-wishes your way

I was always scared with my mother's obsession with the good scissors. It made me wonder if there were evil scissors lurking in the house somewhere.

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Rouge Dragon
Rouge Dragon

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i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:Oh my god! Why does she feel that he can't support him? TIA's are caused by a treatable disease. I hope someone can talk her out of following up with serious decisions made on that day.

All my support to you and your family, Spanner.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:all my love and support to you...

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Posted:You poor thing, what a horrid thing to happen to your mum, especially over Christmas.

Sending some happy thought for a upturn in your year to you.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.

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Posted:hug hope it all works out ok.

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The pessimist fears this is true.

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Hope things work out, remember we're all here for you if you need us


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Posted:hug hug hug

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Posted:hug hug

Monkeys monkeys and bananas


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Posted:hug hug hug hug

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Posted:The same thing happened with my da,
He's still on meds but the symptoms have cleared up altogether (just finished installing full new set of hall and garage doors with him)
Scary as hell, and it shakes your world more than any quake could..
...but its callled transient for a reason

Best of luck, and do try and keep in touch : hug)


remembers when it was all fields round here
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Posted:Thanks everyone hug kiss ubblove

Well, my brother has been here a few days now and things are going fine. He's going to wait a week or so to chill before we begin arranging things together. Saw my mum, she didn't feel able to drive that day but apart from that she was recooperating well. smile

"I thought you are man, but
you are nice woman.



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