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Posted:Hey all. I'm real excited and knew you guys and gals would share my joy. It goes like this: I spent all day today in Pamana City Beach, Florida, USA. I went to every place imaginable leaving a card, showing my video and pictures, and chit chatting with business people. As you all know, Spring Break 2002 is here, and where better to go than PCB??? I had several unsuccessful conversations as well as some that sparked interest. Finally, on my way back home, I tried another number I wrote down. No luck. I figured my day was over and it was time to wait and see what happened.But......The last number led to another name, which produced another number. With a little persuasive phone dealing I now have a live demonstration with Club LaVela, the biggest club in the US!!!! I about wet myself when I hung up my cell!!! So now I have a demonstration tomorrow with them and a performance for about 5000 people at a hockey game. Fire will be all over my mind until late tomorrow night and it's welcome to stay for the rest of my life!!!Wish me luck everyone!!!!!------------------ -M@TTKeep the fire burning.

-M@TTKeep the fire burning.

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Posted:SWEEEEEET!!!man i want to do that!!good luck and have fun!!!!!

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Whiffle Squeek

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Posted::stares in wonder;wow, congratulations manbreak a leg...

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