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Posted:especially with recent international events, has anyone travelled with their fire equipment recently? any tips on assuring flight check people that your stuff is flammable but youre not a bad guy? how do you convince them you're a legit performer and not just a guy carrying fuel onto their plane? i can't imagine my clown insurance card will be enough....any thoughts from the travelling pros? -heph

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Posted:Hi Hephaestos !There are two distinct things here : traveling with your toys and traveling with actual fuel !!!if you do a search you'll find plenty of info on recent trips with fire toys. Basically everything should be OK if you putthe toys in your suitcase, not hand luggage and if you cover the smell a little (tons of tips in previous threads).As for traveling with fuel ? I think it is not only NOT permitted but also definitely NOT a good idea. Just my two cents.shine onCassandra[This message has been edited by cassandra (edited 01 March 2002).]

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Posted:People must have something against reading my posts... I started a few posts on this topic and then answered them. Please do a search next time!To restate, I didn't have problem checking fire toys but wouldn't carry them on. Fuel in anyform by anyone on a plane is illegal. And should be.Point. Only because I really took the time to try and answer this question before...

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