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Posted:Hi all, Just saying a big hi ("HI") and thanks to everyone who was at Viaduct last night. I was a bit nervous about going up on my own this time as I wasn't sure I'd know anyone, but you're all sooooooooooooooooooo so nice and friendly I had a great, and productive night. Yay. T'was a truly good time.Thanks to all of you (Drew, BamBam, Dave, Marcus to name but a few...)------------------ - My Homepage - The Mug Shot Gallery - MSN CommunityWords to memerise, words hypnotise, words make my mouth exercise.

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Posted:I'm really going to have to make the effort to get there after my wrist's out of plaster, it's about time I met some other people who spin. I always seem to miss the people who live in wycombe with different holidays and stuff.------------------Bovril - It's liquid cow y'know

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Posted:Durbs, coolSorry I wasn't in the mood for teaching apoi workshop, sometimes I cant get into it, plus its bad light in that little room. Either way I hope you got cross dont follow thing ok at least in your head.Just read back throug hthe threads an realised how long you been doing contact, what is that 2 months. wow. I saw what you were doing at the end, you learning bloody fast. (runs off to practice). I always find contact difficult on a tue, specially when the music gets pumping. If ya wanna, I'll see if I can actually show you some ideas for moves next week, rather than just my usual polemic about going slow and playing with yourself infront of mirrors. Bovril get well soon and come and play, Sometimes I'm in Tring, maybe I should come and check out the high wycombe crowd. But things a bit busy at the moment.Drew