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onewheeldaveGOLD Member
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I've been trying to find a source of budget airflights to Greece and found myself going round in circles with my internet searches turning up a load of sites that are anything but cheap.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a decent site with genuine budget flights?


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GnorBRONZE Member
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with ones from Austrlai to the UK as well....

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FabergGOLD Member
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I am the queen of cheap airline tickets! My flights to London with Ryanair never cost any more than 2 cents! (well, 30 euro including all airport taxes, but that's still for nothing!)

There are always deals to be got, once you shop around, but it depends on when you want to travel, to which destination in Greece (most of the major islands have their own airport), and from which regional airport in the UK.

Throughout the summer there will be lots of charters flying to Greece, but these won't be operational just yet, and probably won't have any summer price listings posted yet either.

Remember, Tuesdays & Wednesdays are always the cheapest days to travel, on any airline.

Sleazyjet is usually a good bet from the UK:



are all fairly good flight search engines which compare prices between all the individual airlines.

Small tip, don't ever book a transfer flight with a low budget airline (ie. sleazyjet, ryanair etc.) as they can be subject to long delays resulting in you missing your connection, and these airlines do not take any responsibilty in such cases.

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Have a look for the scheduled airlines on expedia or whatever. Only once have I ever found a budget airline that was cheaper than one of the biggies for a specific date. The budget ones are really only good if you're booking months in advanced for a flight both leaving and going to the arse-end of nowhere on a wet wednesday

The best Australia deals come from the specialists like Travelbag (back of the broadsheet travel section). I've found Malaysian are the best to go with as they tend to be among the cheapest; for April or May you're looking at around 580 quid, plus you get either free or cheap stopovers in Kuala, AND a 34 inch seat pitch.

Brittannia used to fly out there for about 300, but 22 hours in a 28 inch pitch, DVT anyone?

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Not sure if this is any help, but the the company called the 'Flight Centre' in Australia is the cheapest that I have found - they guarantee to beat any other price... They're a world wide company...
Not sure if you can book from overseas from this link I've given you, but maybe it's worth a look at their website, if it doesnt tell you whether you're eligible to book with them, send them an email and ask where you do it....
Hope it's some help at least..!

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In case anyone ever feels like going to can take jetblue....

Otherwise I am useless.

I'm only good at finding cheep u.s. flights. Except I did find San Diego to London for $350 once...........

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