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Posted:Hi, i'm looking for some one with a video camera near sheffield...
I want to film about 2-3 hours of stuff, not fire, so in the daytime or indoors and get it onto my pc for editing. I've got an av card so it should be easy...

There's no staffers i see regularly, and hardly any vids, and i want to share some moves... the only camera i have only works if plugged into the mains for some reason, and so only gets the top half of moves. And i want to film all the different versions of poi moves i can do that could be called a waistwrap so someone can finally tell me which one (if any) is the right one. Not to mention a fountain.

I want to end up with 5-10 minutes of good stuff. I'm a bit inconsistent. Hence the time.
Any takers?

cheers and happy today.


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Posted:wickedness i look forward to seeing some of the wicked contact moves uv posted smile

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