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Posted:Anyone out there in Oz or New Zealand who's seen it yet???

I'm going at 7pm this evening, soooooo excited. ubbrollsmile Been waiting for this for 6 years, since word first went out that it was being filmed. Only 6 more hours to go.....

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Posted:PWB and I, and some friends bought tickets in advance to see the opening day at 12:01 am, first showing. We got there 3 hours early and played rummy and joked with other people. It is a tradition for us to go to the premiere showing. 3 1/2 hours and I don't know what they are doing in other places but there was no intermission at our theater. We got out just before 4 am, and no sleep.

Tuesday night...sleepy day the next day...but oh so freakin worth it.

I wouldn't watch it on download first.

I am the ultimate fem-geek and absolutely insisted on seeing it on a big screen first.

Worth it, worth it, worth it.

And I am HUGE Tolkien fan, to the point I wrote Uni thesis papers on him and his presentation of human traits through his characters (long story).

Anyway, even most of the previews kicked butt (looking forward to Harry Potter and Big Fish). Get a large soda but sip slowly, lots of popcorn/candy of choice and pick a ***really*** comfy seat. You are going to need the edge of it frequently. smile

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Posted:So Kyri and I are having a problem. Last showing at any theatre within 20 miles is at 7:30 tonight, and that simply doesn'

Hmph. ubbcrying

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Just saw it a second time. My god, that movie is SO much better than porn!

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Posted:omg that movie freaking rocks! i was so entranced i didn't even notice the incredibly long length. i'm soooo going to see that again!

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Posted:Went again last nite. Soooo worth seeing a 2nd time (and a 3rd & 4th & 5th and then 20 zillion times when the extended version is available on dvd biggrin)

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Posted:am i the only one sulking gently about the start and the end? ubbcrying

still damn good tho. biggrin

(nb i complained (gently) about the other two as well so at least consistent wink)

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Posted:yes well i am very jealous of all of you lucky folks who've already seen return of the king!! i have to wait till boxing day (that's the day after christmas for those of you not in oz!) as far as i know...haven't really checked it out yet... rolleyes

oh shite...just remembered...can't go boxing day! i gotta work at 6am that day, and the next day! grr! i'll just have to wait till sunday! man...this is not working well! i'll be driving to the sunshine coast to gear up for woodford on monday! maybe i'll get to see it sometime early in the new year!! ubbloco


anyways...sorry for my rant! i can't wait to see the final installment!! also hanging out for kill bill vol2! so many movies so little time (& $$)!! biggrin

caio folks! ubbrollsmile


do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good to eat!

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smile! grin it confuses people!




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Posted:well dont be too jalous i saw it a few days ago and... it jsut wont end, true there are some nice parts, but the second and furst destroye the third, like i dont knwo f u guys notice but its ven specifierd inbt he movie tthat u know when those worriors or rohan? led by that blond dude with the igly go-t? well n e ways uy know that huge army was regrouped 5 days after the big war in the second one lol where did all those ppl come from and it seem to me that everytime the scene was showed again but from diffa ngels the amry grew twice as big each time ( three times b4 the last battle on the hill)

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Posted:I had a laughing fit when Frodo and all his friends were jumping around on the bed. I swear they looked like they were going to have a pillow was far to cheesy in comparison to the rest of the movie. I think I got my whole section laughing and my friends started having fits aswell...unfortunately the rest of the audience was taking the movie far to seriously to see the humour. Ah well that laugh was worth the $13 I paid to see that movie. I'm glad it's over....Return of the King really stressed me out.


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Posted:ahhhhhhh! oohhh my goooood!! *has spaz*

That was beyond bloody amazing. I can't describe it! I've gotta go see it again, when I'm more serious.

My brother and I (my family went out to see it) were far too hyper, and kept making jookes for the first two hours... Like, when there was that one scene, where you see Gandalf riding.... It's exactly like the scene in Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail, where you see him running up, with the music, and then you see the guard eating an orange... ubblol It was too funny!

And the bedroom scene, were everyonse comes in... when Legolas comes in, my brother made the motion of ripping off his shirt, and I whispered "pillow fight" and we proceeded to slap eachother with imaginary pillows! Then my mom glared at us, and we stopped.

But I'm sooo going back to see it again!

~ Bobo

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Posted:IMO- the movie could have been a lot better, they changed the story way too much--

i kinda dissapointed- the book blows the movies away!!!

awesome scenery and graphics though tongue


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Posted:Great movie smile
I see they've taught gandalf some staff skillz smile



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Posted:I saw ROTK a couple weeks ago and i thought it was very good except the ending if youve read the books you should know what i mean i hope they change it in the extended version

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Posted:my only question is before the big fight in front of the city and the orc says "fire at will" . . . there was so many of them there, how did they know which one was will???? confused

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Posted:its excellent. but the ruddy thing is too long! i ended up walking out of the cinema looking like a consitpated penguin cos my arse was so numb!


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