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Posted:Ok, I know this is maybe a bit early, but this topic has started to come up in conversation and plans are being made, so its only right to start a thread about it.

Basically, during the summer I work as a canoe instructor in the beautiful Ardeche Gorge in the south of France, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in coming to stay. If you bring a tent (i think) you can camp on site for free, and use our facilities.
We are very much out of the way, but its easy to hitch to the local town (Vallon), or about 1hr walk. The best time to visit is mid July to end of August (but I'll be there from may - sept if those dates don't work).
Interested? Read on...

During July and August the small town of Vallon really comes alive on an evening. Stalls line the streets, and the street performers come out to play. Stiltwalkers firebreath on the edge of the crowds, whilst up in the bar-lined square everyone from singers and dancers to jugglers (& contact) and diabloists (is that a word?!) play and perform. On the next street up from this is an area which is often roped off for fire performers. weavesmiley biggrin

Almost all the street performers are French, but i talked to a few last year and they all seem really nice. I'm sure they wouldn't mind us playing with them.

On a break from the bustle of the small town, it is a short journey to the river. Night time deserted beaches make for perfect spinning/ party spots. And yes, its still warm enough to go swimming in the river on a night! ubblove

Oh, and the people of the area can't seem to get by a week without having an infamous french fete! These always go on early the next day! Alright by us!!! beerchug

Let me know if you're interested. biggrin

Lets steal a spaceship and head for the sun, and shoot the stars with a lemonade ray gun.

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