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Posted:want to try and sort something out for portsmouth on a regualr basis, anyone local to the south coast that would be interested?

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Posted:well there has been a little discussion on the other site that i mentioned above...

but as of yet no meets that i know off, although i am in bournemouth!!

yeah the guys that i met came to a friends party, i will try and get hold of there details, and pass them on to yah!!

Im moving to ryde IOW for three months very soon, so i can just fast cat it over to see you people, anyone get me a discount???


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Posted:Hey Christof

If its small crowds you got a problem wiv - we have a small group of troops that will gladley come down and have a play - as Pompey is just down the road!

2 small groups make 1 big group biggrin

Let us know what ya planning here or SFS.

OW - long time no see mate - hope travels are going well biggrin Good journeys beerchug

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