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Posted:Hi there

i recently got hired to perform at a ski lodge new years eve. im getting paid 300$ for an hour. the guy wants a 45 minute performance. but theres not way i can do it that long striaght through so there is going to be some changes,, i need time to re fuel and stuff...

anyhow i have questions about copyright.. typicaly i spin to songs i feel have a good beat or whatnot.. im wondering what the law says about "dancing" to the songs for cash..

im not a stripper but hear they do it all the time.. what that hell do i do? i have less than a month to do this.. im starting to get worried..

# 2 i told the guy that hired me that hes the one whos going to have to look into insurence. i have saftey peopl and fire extingushers but i can't rely on stupid drunk guys who might do somthing dumb etc.. he said no problem.. how liable can i be held if somethign were to go wrong? the chances of that happening are pretty slim but i dont want to tkae chances..

# 3 i have the contract in writing.. yay. money.
anyhow yes 300 bucks for the performance, accomidations for me and my helper and saftey guy. however.. getting out to the ski hill will cost me, my fuel with cost me, my 151 will cost etc.. and im not so sure he understands that this all comes out of my pocket so in allk reality i might get 100 bucks if a spend some first......



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Posted:It sounds like an ok deal to me, if u can snowboard biggrin Im not sure about any of the legal stuff with music, but for the performance u could have a different array of "tools" waiting in fuel and have your safety drip them 5 min before burn and hand them to you so it wont slow the performance down, or break it up, unless you have another performer and you take turns.

45 min is a long time, i hope you have a few good sets.

Hey what country are you in cause the laws are different everywhere and if noone knows which country your in, how can we help?

(If i were you, i wouldn't worry to much bout the music laws unless there is some music producer there in the audience waiting to jump you) mind you if your in the states thats more than likely. ubblol

sorry im not much help, may the fire be with you weavesmiley




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Posted:Drag queens do it(perform to other peoples music) all the time too. I dunno about copyright laws tho, I know for graphixx the rule is 3 times modded? I use mixes that I mix down on turntables or usin somethin like cool edit pro.. For spreading the show out, if it's just yourself, I'd plan it out(with help from your assistant, mebbe if you have a set list he can soak different tools for you, takes good planning tho), working from light stuff, contact fire, fire eating, on up to fans, then spinning poi, staff, etc. Also, don't be afraid to use da blacklite, you wont have to soak, you can spin longer, and you can use a wider range of props(poi, flags, glo poi, glo staff, glo fans, glo hands for likwid, etc)..Perhaps see if the guy hiring you will let you break the 45 min performance into 2 or 3 shows? If youre out there just spinning for 45 minutes, you're going to go through all of your moves really quick, and perhaps your audience will get tired of watching circles. Mix it up! Oi, but for the fire permit, do you have his signature stating that it is his responsibility to have the necessary permits or a fire marshall on hand(another option)?

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Posted:Good luck new years with the gig.I feel for you 45mins is a long time I worked for almost a year to put toghter a 40 min show and I had 4 people in it.It is alot of time to kill. you should try to get the promoter to break it into 3 /15 min sets or 4 /10 min sets.unless you really have a kicking show most will bore with more than 10 mins of fire balls going in a circle.

I wouldnt sweat the copywrite laws for the music more than likey you will be in a club or some were they already play owners have to pay the fee to the musians union to play music it covers any copywritten music playied in that club. Your not trying to sell the music so even if they dont pay any fees your prob still safe.If your planning to do your show alot and worried about it PM me I will get in touch with my old agent and get you the info were you can pay the musicans union to play anything you want . I think it was like 50 bucks for one year you just cant sell it" example put it in a video and sell the video".

As far as the laws I have never looked into them in canada but it sounds if your going to be a professianal fire performer you better.I dont care what anyone tells you or what you have in writing with the promoter or club owner if you burn a club down
hurt or kill someone what ever agreement or contract you have that contract willl not protect you from a 3rd party lawsuit. 3 rd party being the person you hurt chances are they would not have signed your contract.A contract will keep you out of criminal court here in the sates but you willl get hammered in civil court.

I would call your local fire marshell and find out what the laws are part of doing fire for pay requires you to be responcable for yourself/ your crew/your audiance not to trust 2nd hand knowlage.there is alot of work that goes into being a professinal fire performer just wait til you call your fire marshall and he asks you for a burn plan, then you will understand what I am talking about.

You might even want to talk with some of the local fire perfomers see what kind of pay they get per show.$300 for a 45 min show is real real cheap. but it sounds like they are putting you up in a cool place and to get paid to be in a cool place is always in fl min pay for fire is $150 for a 15 min set.The performers in this area are pretty good no one is running around under cutting people the promoters and club owners expect to pay at least $150 for a 15 min set.or two 10 min sets.

Good luck burn bright and be safe

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Posted:i say go for it.. it cant harm and dont worry about the drunks, its fire at the end of the day and if there that dumb, then you know the saying play with fire your going to be burned, if not your 300 bucks sounds good to me i will do it ,
and dont woryy about the time it will fly buy, i just spin through the night and i only been doing it six months. and i got my first show on guy forks night and there is two of us and we can spin all night dont need to organize it just go and do what you do best. and they can play music, you take your headphones. good luck and let us know how it went,


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Posted:I'm sure if they were going to do it they would have done it by now......... the dates on those posts are from 2003.

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maybe he hasnt posted in a while and the lack of insurance, and doing a 45 minute solid set means hes not here anymore, i think "scorcha" should tell us all about it!

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