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Posted:I've recently discovered a slightly different style of firedancing/glowstick twirling. I saw this couple playing with glow sticks on string but were using one string with the sticks on either end. I also saw a guy with a simaler fire contraption. I've heard of it before but don't know what its called. I've just started to learn it. Can anyone enlighten me?


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Posted:well if it's one really long string then it's: "rope" or bastardized meteorsif it's really short string: i call it boloi tried to start a thread called bolo on the new moves page.... see if that's what you're talking about.-flavio



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Posted:firestorm have a look in an earlier thread on meteors if that's what you are talking about (were they doing body wraps and stuff like that? if they were that's probably meteors)flavio - i am giving it a shot with a home-made bolo - if i come up with anything interesting i'll let you know - btw how short should the string be?Simos


Posted:simos:how short your string is depends on how long your arms are i has to be short enough that when you spin your glow sticks or fire doesn't whack you... mine are i think.... 10 inches...or maybe 12....???-flavio



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Posted:im not sure what there called but if you watch a few martial arts flicks youll see the weapon equivelent. its like a big 3 peice numchuck, if your after moves and stuff....have a look in the martial arts section of your video store...------------------ladies and gentelmen take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice...

ladies and gentelmen take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice...