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Posted:yes i might add this is the most interesting name for a topic but an elaboration sometime through thr ramble will procure.
I have to admitt something to all you HOP , that is i hate reality and i am a major alcoholic.
this is probably the third time i have dragged my self off drug abuse, serious drug abuse. my problem is i can't cope with reality, and this where drugs come in...... i like drugs the keep me off the though of reality let alone contiplation one. anyway on the the story. half way through last year i had realised i did have a problem if i can't spend half a day not wanting to be smashed. i soon spent the next three months clean. It was easier than what i thought. but after a while the feeling kick back in again and soon every day was a binge of some sort. I just got off everything i have done and having hard with drawholds. welcome to my rehab back to reality. anybody got some ideas to get me away from drugs? frown


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Posted:you can't do it alone,if you're talking alcohol and hard drugs....get some help....i don't know about wagga wagga,oz,but in uk we have places people can go that are completely confidential and supportive,they don't force anything on you,just give you somewhere to go and vent,sometimes accupuncture is offered and helps with craving....
much love hug


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Posted:Hi Fireboy. I've known a few drug addicts in my time, from booze and smack to smoking and glue. Of the folks who've tried to quit success has been 50/50, but of the ones who have managed to stay off them all say the same thing; None of them agree that they've managed to kick the addiction nor ever will, they just believe they've managed to live without feeding it if you know what I mean. The pain becomes less everyday and slowly becomes more managable.
I guess yours is different if it's reality you're escaping into as apposed to just getting mashed for the sake of it but maybe you can learn new things to keep you occupied and your mind off how bad you feel life is. Two friends of mine recently gave up their addictions (both smoking but smoking different things if you know what I mean!) and they did it together for moral support. They also did lots of stuff to keep themselves occupied day to day and didn't want to fall off the wagon cuz it would let the other down as well as themselves. Do you have anyone you can share your cold turkey with?

PM me if you wanna chat, I'm no psycologist or anything but I know your pain and have helped a few others to quit their addictions in the past. If not, then good luck! I hope you manage to rehabilitate and stay there. smile

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Posted:me and a few others on HoP all quit substances for various reasons in a thread on the old message board. Im definatly not exactly in the same boat as I don't think im really that addictied, but I realized I would be if I didn't quit because I do the same thing to escape reality.

Ill consider you part of the list (thats on the old message board so I can't link to it) of hoppers quiting drugs/alochol.


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Posted:hmm, i hear you fireboy, im trying to dry out as of today, no more bud or beer till at least after christmas (iknow thats only 10 days but its a start)
everything has been a little to much so i have been out af my head most of the time, for at least the last 3 months, every night stoned and drunk, or on mushrooms or something.
so its time for at least a little break time to stop and steady down for christmas, god bloody christmas, i hate it, just another reason to drink
main reason being my fbloody ex, she will not leave me alone, im going home ill now and i know my ex will be at my house where she doesnt live waiting for me, she pisses me off so much i cant bear to be around her sober, advice, how to get rid of women you have already dumped.

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Posted:Hey fireboy,

Fistly well done for admitting your addictions. That is the first step to recoverey. I would recommend getting in touch with Alcoholics Annonymous. I took the liberty of finding thier site for you in Oz (hope you dont mind) http://www.alcoholicsanonymous.org.au/
A very close friend of mine is an alcoholic but with thier support and help she has been dry and clean for a long time now. I went to a number of meetings with her and they main point they instilled in her from the start was to take everything a day at a time, get her ass to meetings and TALK to people when it gets rough. You will do it, it is hard work and takes lots of dedication and mainly time. Christmas is a hard time for anyone with any kind of addiction - but you will do it. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Cuddles and lots of luck and love,
hug hug hug

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An angry young man with a passon for metal
Location: Wagga Wagga, N.S.W, Australia
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Posted:its kinda hard to rehabittate when there are the two drugs you love not far away from you .


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Posted:Looking back on the time when I was addicted to substances I realise that addiction and depression/negativity went hand in hand; not necessarily that one is the cause of the other, but that they support each other and it is difficult to tell where one starts and the other ends.

The process of overcoming my substance habits was also a process of dealing with the depression, which I increasingly came to see as being an addiction to negative thoughts/emotions, and dealing with my minds habit of attaching to, and strengthening those negative thoughts/emotions.

I bring this up because your comment: -

its kinda hard to rehabittate when there are the two drugs you love not far away from you .

is a prime example of the kind of negativity that is liable to keep you addicted to those substances you are trying to over come.

The truth is that the situation of those drugs being close to you is not a negative one; if you are serious about freeing yourself then the fact that they are close by is an advantage.

It is relativly straightforward to stay away from a substance to which you are addicted for a short/medium period of time, more important is whether you can maintain it for the rest of your life (I'm assuming here that for the truly addicted, controlled or moderate use of the substance is not a practical option- I know that some disagree with this view but all my experience tells me that 100% abstinence is, in most cases, the most practical and least painful way of freeing oneself).

So, if the drugs were not close by and you managed to quit for several months, inevitably the time would come when you have to spend some time in close proximity to them, and you could well sucumb.

Other negatives that can affect you are the common myth that quitting is hellishly difficult- it is if you have little understanding of the true reasons why you feel the need for these substances i.e. that it is due to your own negativity and the myths you have accumalated such as the belief that drugs can make reality more 'handleable'.

The truth is that, if you work on understanding yourself and your apparent need for drugs, and you do so with brutal honesty, there can come a time when you can walk away from them forever, with a feeling of joy rather than deprivation.

If you want to examine this approach then getting a copy of Allen Carrs book- "The easy way to give up smoking" is a good first step.

Although it is about quitting smoking it is the best text on overcoming addiction that I have seen, and the method can be applied to any form of addiction.

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Posted:Fireboy, we have exchanged some words in the past, but this I offer in all sincerity.

It has actually helped a few people I know. Find something like an online game or something else that will totally preoccupy your mindset. If reality is hard, dive into a virtual reality. It is far better than any drug and by all means cheaper!

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Posted:Hi Fireboy,
I agree with what someone else said, you can't do it alone!!!!! Get to NA or AA and get some support!!!! I have been clean and sober for almost 15 years,and I still go to meetings (AA). Once you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you can make the REAL decision that you want to make a change.... Sounds like you may be ready. One day at a time, sometimes one SECOND at a time, you can do it. Change playmates and playpens, new ones will come... I wish you all the best.
If you think life is boring being sober, think again... My life is a trip!!!! It is not a panacea, but it is REAL and I am fully present.
So good luck and may the gods be with you!!! And keep doing what makes you happy creatively, like spinning. Its all good!!!
Blessed Be,


Mumma Hen
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I have a little story to tell you Fireboy
At the age of fifteen I had a major addiction to drugs and I was boardering on becoming an alocholic...
I was abusing opuim and hash oil and drinking everyday.
There wasnt a time when I didnt pass out at the end of the day for at least a year.
I was sent to rehab in the south island of new zealand which was away from my "friends" (people who encrouaged the drug use and were addicted themselves, now looking back they were never my friends and it was an unhealthy place to be)
I learnt ways to stop abusing the drugs. I learnt that I am ok, and that I dont need drugs to stop me from feeling and putting me into a place were I was able to be numb.
I went to na and aa meeting and I thought at the time that it sucked... but thats because my attitude sucked...
Now I havent touched ANY drugs in 4 years. I havent touched opium in 8 years, I havent drunk for about 1.5 years and I havent smoked ciggys for 8 months.
The point of this story is that YOU CAN DO THIS.
The thing that is the hardest is finding yourslef in between all the self doubt and anxiety and believing in yourself enough to pull through the fear... Make sure that you seperate yourself from the people who encrouage the drug abuse...this isnt helping you... its time to stand tall and not allow drugs or other substances to control your life... hug hug hug be strong matey

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Posted:Hey Fireboy I've had an idea.

I was talking about you to one of my mates I mentioned before who quit with his friend and we found inspiration.....You could keep a diary, record your acheivements towards becoming clean and soba etc. Good days, bad days, thoughts, feelings etc. Then, when you're having a bad day, or have fallen off the wagon or whatever you can open the pages, find a good day and remember those feelings of well being, acheivement and satisfaction. That may help you acheive your goals mate!
If you liked post them here so you could get support (and a telling off if you needed it!!) from your Friends on HOP. Of course only if you really wanted to share but it looks like you've started already!

Of course you may not like the idea but I figured I couldn't not suggest it.

All the best


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