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Forums > Technical Discussion > Tamanu Oil for burns - GREAT STUFF !

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Location: Malaeimi, Am. Samoa

Hey all !

My son, while doing doubles during a samoan Fireknife performance, got a bit of white gas on his arm, which caught fire during the performance. Stubburn kid that he is (Samoan thing I guess) he refuse to put it out, so it burned right through the layers of skin...nasty !
Since we have such a hot, humid climate here, infection is always a great risk. We treated the burn as always, long soak in cool water, Betadine, Neosporin...but a week later it was still raw. A friend of mine gave me a small bottle of Tamanu OIl yesterday and I sprayed just a bit on the wound.......8 hours later the burn was practically healed !

I have lived here (Samoa) for 16 years and have never seen anything heal that quickly !
The burn is dried up, pus free, and just the middle portion is scabbed over and healing.
We're on our way to the Siva Afi Competition in Apia, Samoa this Wednesday and this oil is going with us as our First Aid Kit !
The person who gave it to me is also a fireknife dancer who learned of it when it was applied after a bad burn.

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Location: WNY, USA

Do you know where this can be gotten from or what it's components are?
Thank you for sharing that. smile

Here in New York the Native Americans have what is called Black Salve. It is nasty looking and not so hot smelling but it works like a dream as well. It is really hard to find though, because it is only available on the reservations.

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I just Googled it, and there are plenty of hits. Apparently it's not hard to get. I'm interested in trying it (well, not so much interested as would like to have it on hand should I ever need it)

I've had excellent results from a Chinese ointment called Ching Wan Hung (also available through Googling); this stuff smells strongly of roasted sesame.

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Location: Malaeimi, Am. Samoa

Sorry - we had a nasty Hurricane so I've been without electricity for a week and cleaning up after that......now will be without tv for 5 months too frown

Tamanu oil isn't hard to get ......you can try the Lomi Shop at
www.lomi.com or (808) 234-5663

We use the Chinese Black Ointment, which sounds a lot like the Indian Black Salve - it's used for drawing out infections such as boils, etc.

I like the Tamanu because it doesn't smell and it seems to help prevent infection from the start.
At any rate.....my son was kind of hoping for a nice, knifehook shaped scar on his arm, but the Tamanu Oil healed it too well........ biggrin
Took a picture though....

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