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audaxBRONZE Member
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Sometimes I dream too much, here's some of what comes out:

Triple headed fire poi with different coloured fuel mixes on each head. Might be possible (Do a search)

A fire-proof pocket on a shirt so I can casually put my breathing/eating stick in it as a party trick ubblol

A single very long chained poi with 2 sets of opposite direction spinning wicks. Think of the thing on weather stations that measure wind-speed and picture one on top of the other on fire on a length of chain. If it worked, would make spiral patterns along it's arc. Would be spun like the thing that Go-go tries to kill Uma Thurman in Kill Bill with.

A set of LED poi with red green and blue lights that can be set to different flashing patterns and mixes to represent all colours in different patterns. Controlled by a handset with buttons that would enable the twirler to change patterns or colours while twirling. Different patterns could loaded onto the poi from a PC via a USB cable and different patterns could be designed, previewed and saved on the computer. Rechargable

As discussed elsewhere, the double ended fire trident. 6 heads, one hand. booya

A pair of strap-on fire-tipped dragon wings that flap with shoulder movements.

A pair of fire tipped devil horns

A full fire-proof suit so I develop a series of wraps on every body part.

there's more but my mind wanders again umm


LazyAngelGOLD Member
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as far as weighted poi go I use my monkey fists covered in foil; looks pretty too.
But how about:
two mini meteors, like double staff but more dangerous
shortstaff in one hand, poi in the other
T-shaped wick at the end of staff or poi for prettier circles
comet fire poi which would have a specially weighted wick in an L shape with a weight at the corner of the L and then wicking along one or both lines.

more like variation on what there is than anything new but just curious

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Maaan, using a staff in one hand and a poi in the other makes you feel so drunk.

pineapple peteSILVER Member
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a stupid idea i finished yesterday, 50cm pieces of wood, covered in wick, for the whole 50cm, doused in kero, lit and buggered round with on fire. only 6 burns in the 2 minutes they were burning for. ow

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darkpoetBRONZE Member
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Written by: Fireflye

I actually saw this guy spin an umbrella once in Dallas, he did some really cool stuff with it and it made think...What about a fire umbrella! Probably pretty easy to make too. Just buy the umbrella take the fabric off put some wicking on each end and viola!!!! An umbrella that would be completely useless in the rain!

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