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Posted: I just had my four wisdom teeth ripped out and the doc's are pretty admant about not doing anything with my mouth, so as i start to talk about how sweet it is that i can stilll burn it up and play with fire i get the whole room of doctors arguing with each other over whether it is a good idea to be breathing in those fumes from shellite and kero given the massive [censored] holes in my mouth, i know lighning is a evil doctor (which is so damn cool i cant begin to start on it...) but has anyone else had there wisdom teeth, or anything similar, removed and not been able to twirl as a consequence of fumes?


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Posted:I had a wisdom tooth removed about 6 months ago and another tooth taken out about a month ago, I also had another wisdon tooth taken out last year so would strongly recommend you resist the urge to spin for a day or two. Firstly all those fumes ain't gonna do any good while you're wounds are still open, (would you pour kero on an open cut?!) and until they've got a good amount of scab inside them you really should reduce the excersise and increased blood flow so they can start their healing process and get settled, not get over run with fast flowing blood!
I ain't no doc but I think it's common sense to reduce that kind of activity for a day or two, just to let things settle naturally.
And don't forget the salt wash to reduce the risk of infection as well. Good luck, that must hurt like a bitch!! My dentist won't even take out two from the same side at the same time never mind all four at once!! You have my sympathies!!

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Posted:i had all four removed at the same time, but it was years ago (pre-fire Poi spinning for me). but i remember how i was afterwards and i'm suprised you're still up and moving around!!!!

i'm gonna echo custombug on this one....take a few days to let your mouth heal. you can always practice without lighting up.

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Posted:Know what? Lay off the fire until your mouth feels back to normal. Maybe a week.

Honestly, I think they're full of crap. It's not like having those holes in your mouth is going to significantly affect your absorption of the fumes. The absorption happens across the alveoli of your lungs, an area with the surface area of a tennis court. Those four holes are nothing. My concern is more safety in that if your body feels strange than you're more likely to make a mistake.

So wait until it doesn't hurt and WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SPIN FIRE ON NARCOTICS.

How's that sound? weavesmiley

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Posted:I agree with Lightning.

Sleep, drink lots of milkshakes (without the straw) and enjoy squishy foods biggrin



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Posted:Breath through your nose.




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Posted:thanks for the advice i gotta go sleep...mmm...painkillers are [censored] brilliant for poor insomniacs like myself...



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