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aight people, take a look at the fire blanked, it says its not combustable to temp. exeding 900 degrees C.
blankets absorb liquid really well because their fluffy like..... ubbidea

why dont you just buy a fire blanket, and try is as wicking, itd be lighter than kevlar and absorb hella lot more fuel
if im wrong shoot me down...but im curious to know.

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i dunno... Sounds fishy. I thought that was more the kind of fire blanket you use to put out fires. I don't supose it's the soft warm blanket type that is all fluffy like you say. But I could be wrong tongue

I think the idea had already came-up whilst discussing fire flags. The end verdict seemed to be that it wouldn't work. It would be soooo cool if it did though rolleyes

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i tried using some old rags for a while as wicking nad had the prob of fuel flying all over the place and setting random thngs on fire 10 meters away. I would suggest that the more fuel that u take into something that is so light the more chance their would be of it not wanting to stay there

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Aren't fire blankets made of wool? I think some are. I wouldn't suggest using them if they are made of wool because it would stink. Think burn't hair on a large scale. I like a little burn't hair, but that would be too much. Give it a try though. Maybee your on to something. smile

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Hmmmz, I never had a fire blanket in my hands, but i don't think they are made of wool... I once set my own sweater of wool on fire eek, while there was just a tiny little bit lampoil on it, and wool scorches away in a few seconds...

Interesting Idea, sounds pretty good to me actually... How much does a fireblanket cost?

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The fire blankets I use are not absorbent at all, they are loosey woven white plasticy stuff that at first glance seems similar to kevlar (without the cotton in it).

In NZ, from the industrial safety stores, they cost about NZ$50 each, and are MUCH MUCH dearer than buying kevlar...

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there is a better materal and easy to get... it is caled welders curtan its cheap and you can get it in most machine shops


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EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK dont even think of this NO NO NO NO NO and NO again

The majority of fire blankets are made of glass fibre impregnated with a fire retardant resin. the point is they dont soak up fuel the main purpose of a fire blanket is oil based fires. if you do set fir to them they will start to disintegrate. Dont believe me try putting your fire blanket thought the washing mashing the resin washes out and glass fibres go everywhere (dont breath them in).

Fire blankest are made for putting out fires dont use them for anything else

before i met those lot i thought they'd be a bunch of dreadlocked hippies that smoked, set things on fire ,and drank a lot of tea but then when i met them....oh wait (PyroWill)

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I use a fire blanket for a cape ^.^' (the ONLY other acceptable use other than putting out fires as far as I'm concerned).

Dark Poet, I think it's been brought up before, and I think Bearclaw uses this design, if you make a cloth wick (out of blanket or something), then put kevlar on the outisde I'd imagine it'd work well. The inside of it would absorb alot of fuel, but not lighe as the kevlar would light up instead. The pulling force on the fuel on the inside would gradually pull the rest of the fuel outwards. If you could figure our some way to make these (I'm not sure how bearclaw does it), it could work well with your fire blanket idea (just not with a fire blanket).

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I once played with some guys poi that were made out of asbestos rope. But it pretty hard to come by, heavy and of course has all sorts of potential consequences as far as asbestos poisoning goes.

Another thing I've used is strips of material they use for repairing exhausts. Reasonably effective for our purposes but it gets brittle after a while and you get a spectacular shower of burning bits...

The welders curtain sounds promising though. I'll give it a try.
Nicely done Native!!

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Off topic but speaking of aspestos - I know a guy by the name of Red Stuart who has been using aspestos torches and gasoline to eat fire for about 40 years. He even still has a few teeth! smile He has pretty much retired now though.

Anyway, carry on!

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I think when a post mentions using gasoline for any fire art, it's worth someone pointing out that using such a fuel is very stupid and very dangerous- 'Red Stuart' is lucky to be alive.

As for using asbestos for wick, I'm sure I don't need to say that that is also extremely inadvisable- tens of thousands of workers who had, often quite small, exposure to that stuff have died slow and horrible deaths as a result.

Can we keep this forum responsible?- anyone can end up here from a search engine and the last thing we want them to be considering is the use of asbestos and gasoline.

After all, if even 'Red Stuart' with his 40 years experience can be so idiotic as to use these things, how much more so any random newbie who comes across this thread.

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agree with dave

most wicks sold are a para or meta aramid blend of pure kevlar and glass fibre, the wicks you own will probably not be pure kevlar as glass fibre is added to increase absorbancy and lower price.
asbestos???? never heard of it in fire arts. asbestosis is a horrible thing to have teh probalem being the dust particles are shaped in an unfortunate way that means instead of nbeing expelled from your lungs they stick in, nothign happens for 10 15 years or so then you have serious lung problems.
.stear clear.
immoprtal angel . putting cloth in the middle of wicks and just using kevlar blend on the outside could drive down the costs of producing really big toys, the inside does not burn, monkey fist poi has a wooden ball inside which doesnt burn.
i have made poi and used sellotape to help me keep the wicks tight while construciting, i took these apart about a year later when the wicks were looking tired and the sellotape was still there unburned from being one layer of wick 'in'

smits bit

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My apologies.

In my previous post I should have made it abundantly more clear that asbestos shouldn't even be thought of as an alternative for wicking.

Asbestosis is a horrifying thing to have to deal with. And I agree with Originalsmit and Onewheeldave completely.

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Originalsmit, I agree with the large fire toys, although you'd have to ask someone who knows more about the design than I do. It seems logical to me, and you could even add extra weight in the middle to bring it to your desired feel...two big cannonball sized poi floating through the air with flames several feet high ^.^'
And even with monkey fists, you could put a ball of towel in there to absorb more fuel. Just make sure to rinse out the wick after use so you don't have fuel drippling out into your stuff for the next few days. I'm not sure about anyone else, but either way I keep all my torches and wicks in a metal container sealed, with my fuels in another metal container, and my other misc stuff (chemicals, water bottles etc...) in a handmade wooden box as there is very little chance for that stuff to start burning (compared to the other stuff in the metal containers).

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