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Posted:oh poo.
Well my first foray into the world of professional fire flops today, went along showed some stuff but cant do the actual gig as i have this one thing that gets in the way.
a job!!!
its a bugger i havnt been able to get as much practise in as i like cos of -2degrees C
doing a performance involving the audience is way more tricky than just fire to music.
we had some good stuff worked out but the timescale was just too short.
hey ho other things on the way
on the scale of things thats just a minor.
why does everthing have to go crap at once?
im just turning into a vile little ball of hatred and spite getting more intensely dispirited with the human race as i slowly destroy everything.
i just wanna throw my work pc through the 5th floor window and follow it down.
i want to find a place i can hideaway from the world and not let them find me.
im going to be a hermit.
just one question, when you try for years to get somewhere and acheive something and do something good and work hard to do it and then look back and realise that nothing has changed in the last three years, your still stuk going round in the same little circles, but with less freinds less happiness and less money than before.
where do you get the strength to continue? ubbcrying
i dont have it anymore.
cya later guys

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this one is shorter

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Posted:sounds to me like you need to take 5.
go somewhere the seaside..countryside whatever and chill it'll recharge you , till then have these hug hug hug

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Posted:you sound like an angry person to me so hug hug

yea, i was feeling sad a while ago, im feeling better now though, you just need to write things down, let it out.
have faith that it will probably get better.


hug hug

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i think you need a break from everything!

and another hug! hug

hang in there buddy! things will get better!

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Posted:Hey there...

Sounds like u need a change... thats what I did when I found myself in a rut, going round in circles and unhappy .. cos all my friends were slowly dwindling away as they moved to different places. I went overseas and it was great..... so if u r in the position to do it.. then thats what I would advise.

Everyone has there down times.. even people that seem happy all the time actually do have their own moments of sadness, self-doubt, lack of motivation etc. Fortunately these times pass... and then you're happy and back on top of things again. smile

Good luck with your future fire gigs... there will be plenty more for you out there...

For now.. take care, courage and have a few hug hug

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Posted:You get the strenght to go on from inside yourself and from your friends and family - the people who love you.

Take a break. Find someone you can talk to and tell them what's up. Start writing what's happened and how you feel down. Sometimes it helps. Just let it all out. Find something you love to do, and go do it. You sound like you need a vacation, and you deserve one, so go out and have fun!

hug hug hug hug

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Posted:Having turned into a vitriolic witch lately I can understand your feelings on yourself. Maybe having recognised your feelings you can now work through them better.

Good luck and many hug

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Posted:Do you really want to continue in your present job? Take some time to think about what it is you really, REALLY want out of life and see if there's a way for you to work towards getting it, continually asking yourself why?

Figure it this way for instance; if it's money you want ask yourself why?
So you can buy cool stuff.
Why do you want cool stuff?
Because it will make you happy.
It's actually happiness you're after, not money

We only have one shot at this, if we don't like what it is we're doing there's no point.

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