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Posted:In October last year Malcolm followed a suggestion and included homestay offers under the "meet others" listing on this site. I was just wondering if anyone else has had other twirlers to stay since then. (This is an excuse to brag about how much fun I've been having in the last 2 weeks)Though not actually a result of the firestay listing I posted, me and my housemates have a Quebecer called Fred staying with us for a couple of weeks. 4 twirlers in one house meens fire action galore. The best bit is that we got to twirl with Sambanistas drumming group at Vibes on a summers day (large outdoor festival travelling oz) which included seeing Groove Armada and Jamiroquai live with free entry for our twirling. Fred was with us and enjoyed all the benefits, including free beers and red bull in the VIP tent. Then we had a gig at a brewery in Fremantle called Little Creatures. That was my first event where I did fire breathing for money. It turned into a great party with loads of nice food and some offbeat entertainment and good music. Fred was our "roadie" for the night.Sunday was the Big Day Out, which is the biggest touring Festival in Australia every summer. I got some glowsticks and got to twirl to the likes Chrystal Method and Prodigy live amongst loads of others (do a search if you're not from Oz/NZ)Then on Monday night, we met in South Beach park for our weekly fire twirl meeting and had an afternoon barbeque and heaps of fire twirling. This week we had six drummers along to provide tunes and more than usual hacky sack players. And Dwuan finally found the fire hacky, which had a few people wondering about our sanity. Wicked night.Most of the other days included the beach, going out, jam sessions and hacky sack (one game on the train)Just thought you'd like to know that this firestay offer is genuine and has been exercised. And that Jemma PK and I would love to have more twirlers around for more mayhem in the future.Matt, Perth Australia------------------Your parents were wrongFire is good Play with fire


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Posted:Yes Audax, you are moe than right
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I've had my little appartment packed with fire dancers this summer among whom kat, Buzz, Stefan, Claire... It was soooo much fun !
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Unfortunately i no longer have a place to offer for now cause i'm saving $$ by staying at friends / family to travel around the world. I very much look forward to meeting some of you on my way
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Allthough i cannot offer a place to stay anymore, I am always more than happy to help in any way, please don't hesitate !!!shine onCassandra[This message has been edited by cassandra (edited 07 February 2002).]

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Posted:I wish I was old enough to travel to the different houses. *cry* Stupid age limits.LoL, well I know what I'm gonna be doing when I get older!
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Posted:We have had (collectively between Flashfire and myself) Heather Feather, Dangerboy, Josh and kate, and Bobrob come and stay with us and party with us from meeting on the home of poi!

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