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Posted:Having recently been at a music festival in Sydney a mate of mine noticed a lot of people breaking open thier glowsticks swrling the stuff around in thier mouths and as a result thier mouths glowed. I was thinking, what do you think the result would be if you soaked your pois in glowstick juice? Has anyone tried this, if so what happens?Take it easy.

Endangered Sanity
Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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Posted:I found a site with the composition of light sticks, but it doesnt sound like the ingredients are easy to get anyway.

Endangered Sanity
Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Member Since: 11th Feb 2001
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Posted:Hahahahah, I forgot the link.http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu/lightstick.htmlAnd this site actually has a recipe for blue (i think) glow stuff.http://nw-raves.skylab.org/199911/msg00443.html

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Posted:Yea, me and mai friends experimented with breaking glowsticks open. You need some really tough scissors to get'm open though [unless your using the small 1" ones that go in your mouth]. The fluid looks even cooler outside of the capsule. You can write on the floors, walls, ceiling... other people... perhaps
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. The fluid in ours glowed for mebble 30 minutes gradually fading away. In the morning, we didn't notice any staining at all... hmm..... One of my friends was an idiot and accidentally spilled the contents of an entire glowstick over himself. He came back to the party all... "glowing" [for lack of a better word]. He was turned heads alright
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Posted:kinda off the topic, but my hair is naturally very light blonde and i am able to wash it in some laundry detergent (stuff that contains phosphorus) and my hair glows, would make an interesting touch
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Posted:Ndangered:You ROCK! Thank you so much! You have answered a question that people have been asking me for years (just 'cause they know my dad is a chemist, and must therefore know everything...). I personally have very little interest in how to make glow-stick juice, but now I have something to say to those people who go - "You're dad's a chemist, so you MUST know..." (Chemistry is just as specialized a field as medicine. My dad specializes in chlorine developement, and his pat response to me was that maybe I should go back to school to become a chemist and find out for myself... I guess my asking him was just as much a pain as all my friends always asking me, because that's like asking your podiatrist about your chest pains!)<grin> Now I have a technical-jargon laden schpiel that I can memorize and recite to them at will. (Like in that scene with the post-it glue in Romy and Michele...) <rubs hands together with anticipation>

Captain Howdy
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Posted:Hi everybody. Just wanted to say kudos for such a great site here. Me and my pals here use glowstrings alot at parties and figured out a few things I'd like to pass along.Once your glowsticks start to fade, you can throw them into the microwave and heat them for about 7-8 seconds. They'll come back to full brightness temporarily for a little more fun. Alas, this also make them fade a bit faster too. Once you are done practicing with them, you can throw them in the freezer to keep them from fading and then just pull 'em out when you are reading to play some more! Hope this helps. Enjoy.

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Posted:has anyone gotten the ingredients for the recipie and created it yet?if so howd u go, if not, when someone does it be sure to let us in on it please

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Posted:LUCIFERASEIn case any one was wondering, LUCIFERASE is the enzyme responsible for the production of 'glow' in most glowing animals eg fireflies, those peculiar deep sea fish, glow worms, certain planktons. Bioluminescence.I did a quick check around the net to see what I could find about the availability of luciferase/luciferase containing bacteria. The best thing I found was this: http://library.thinkquest.org/18258/dnarecombine.htmIts
only a project mock up... but we can all keep dreaming right? This site sells a Glow chem set to make water glow blue, and a glow water pistol http://www.biotoy.com/h2oglow.htmThe
only other promising thing I found was:http://www.calzyme.com/catalog/lucifera.html http://europa-bioproducts.com/notes.asp?Detail=5504
However, I'm not too sure how tricky the said bacteria would be to keep, and how comfortable any biotech company would be selling their products to the general public.I'm a fire girl at heart, but couldn't help searching around for other glow info. The following are a few glowing related links that I thought I'd share :Bovine beacon - cows and glowproductshttp://www.bovinebeacon.com/glowing seafoodhttp://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~ear/SEA-GLOW.htmlplastic glowing animalshttp://www.bicycles-buylink.com/other/glow_funglw_animals_pvc.htmglow in the dark bacteriahttp://personalweb.sierra.net/~smb/Xenorhabdus.htmglow mice - there are many articles on the glow mice, if anyone finds a picture please let me know.http://www.gene.ch/gentech/1997/Sep-Oct/msg00149.htmlhttp://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA9909/S00387.htmhttp://www.stanford.edu/group/Contag/firefly.htmlbioluminesencehttp://www.biolum.org/luminous technologies - glow paint & fabrichttp://www.luminoustech.com/glo-germ?http://www.glogerm.com/history.htmlI know.... I went a little rank with the links. Hopefully someone out there will find something useful or interesting from one of those sites. koobles and glowbiesmaeon

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Has anyone tried to blow glostick juice since that last post in 2001? If so can you tell me how it went? Did it give off a strong glow. Im going to try it as soon as i can get some glowsticks so i can tell ya how it went.


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Posted:that is very cool...i always thought they were filled with Transformer spit or something.


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