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Posted:Ok i'm a Junior in high school, and we were suppose to write a paper in literature. The paper was to be a "How To" paper, using any topic we want, in 8 steps. So i wrote my how to paper...and the title reads as follows..."How to Douche in 8 easy steps"well the teacher didn't find this funny, and wrote me up for it. So i had to go see the administrators, and got myself into more trouble by laughing at the write up and when the administrator (male) says "This offends me as well" i said (exact words) "How the hell does that offend you!? You don't even Douche!"well i got in boodles of trouble, and the teacher is filing for sexual harrassment charges...anyone else ever get in trouble at school for stupid shit?

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Posted:bovril monkey, my headteachers pretty slack 2, he actually ignored it when the p.e teacher slapped this boy round the face...twice... he he he, it was pretty funny, though, his parents got called into school, so did the police...
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Posted:Well the Camping store was right next to my school so on lunch break I went over to get some colemans fuel.Put it in my locker to bring home laterSo happens they did spontaneous locker searches and They called me down for questioning of why it was there.To prove I wasn't going to blow up the school I did a little performance for the Principle.He was pleased and went home for the day, however all the Vice principle saw from his office was me twirling fire in the parkinglot,and not the principle in attendance. So I got in trouble for playing with fire, he wouldn't belive me that I did it for the principle and I got in MORE trouble.... DetentionSo The next day I visited the principle, and I recived and apology from the VP... Go figure.


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Posted:I know that this topic is a bit old, but i wanted to share my highschool busts with you all.Ok, so they may not be as funny as everyone elses...Im in grade 10, and we were sitting in English class, the one day, reading some poetry, when the teacher left the class suddenly. Everyone jumped into action, and by the time the teacher came back, we had managed to turn all the desks around to face the back of the class, and we were all sitting quietly as though nothing ever happened. Well.... she wasnt too impressed with us, but just as she was about to start yelling at us, one of the girls in my class stood up and recited a very profound line from the book. The teacher just kind of stood there, then suddenly just packed up laughingWe also once ducktaped one of our classroom doors shut, where the whole of the door frame was covered in tape, so it was like a second door. We shut and locked the door and when the teacher came, she was furious, because she had to cut her way into the class!!The last thing i did was sneak into the staffroom and move everything around - all the furniture, papers, everything. It took them about a week to sort themselves out!! I wasnt caught fore these tho!!
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I've done all the usual stinkbomb stuff etc etc, and i once got sent to the principal for throwing putty at the teacher, and had to sand desks for a month!!Oh, and i got kicked out of the class once for sneezing.Man, come to think of it, i am a bit of a brat, aint i?? hehehe, luv it!!------------------ColesId love to be a glow-wormCuz a glow-worm's never glumIt's hard to be downheartedWhen a light shines out your bum

Id love to be a glow-worm
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It's hard to be downhearted
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Posted:***~~~!!!!BEST SCHOOL PRANK EVER!!!!~~~***alright, first off i should tell you all that i was the class clow, and probabl the one that got in the most trouble for doing outright stupid azz shyt in school. anything from super glueing the teachers things on her dsk to the desk to my all time best idea...dum dum dum...the senior prank!!! me and about 10 of my best friends, all of which were just like me, set out on one night to do the annual senior prank. we went to a multitude of construction sites and gathered up bricks and mortar. alot of both. we then proceeded to go up to the school and build a brick wall in front of one of the main entries, which was about 20'long x 12' high. we hhad been scopingout the school because we had security guards 24/7 watching the school, and we had them figured out!!! they came around at certain times at night, and we just would jump on the opposite side of the wall when they drove by and never saw us. well the next day you could imagine the grins on our faces when we showed up and everyone was just standing around like they dint know what to do. keep in mind about 4,000 kids go to the high school that i went to, and about 1,500-2,000 used these doors every morning!!! it was the funniest thing i had ever done while at school, it litterally took the security guards and personell a week to clean up the mess we made!!! hehehe it was the best day ever at school!!! now ont you all get any ideas ya hear!!!p.l.u.r.r.xtrem

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Posted:I only ever got into trouble for smoking at skool. oh yeah and puting pink food die in the swimming pool - BY ACCIDENT!! honest.. it just happened to be spilt all over my swimming towel - that someone thru into the pool for me - punishment? Having to teach the junior kids swimming lessons for 6 months (i was a qualified teacher at skool) bummer. it was after skool on monday, wednesday and fridays - bang wnet social life.. but the water did look very cool bright pink!Any way- have a great weekend and happy spinning - I'm off to create some heat!!
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Posted:when i was in grade 9 i had this massive crush on the class ""bad kid" well this one day after our chem-introductory class the teacher left he and i in there alone..conveiniantly she also left a 10 pound rol of magnesium tape and a gallon and a half of hydrocloric us... decided to make a large hydrogen bomb in short... we took seven beakers of acid.. hand fulls of magnesium and plastic bag to catch the hydrogen in. and one of those really long matches.well it seemed the first few times worked great got got these massive blue flames about 2 ft wide.. too cool and it made this sickening "pop" noise. lots of peopl had gathered at the windows to watch tthe show and then the teacher walked in and gave us grand high hell sent us to the office threatend to call our parents.. HERES THE LOOP HOLE!! the principal asked us how we learned to do those.. we had actually leanr from paying attention in our chen introductory class... something our techer shouldnt be teaching us anyway... so we got away with it.. heh heh heh it was was prime..

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Posted:Well, it's been a while since I was in school, but we pulled a variation of a classic prank on a cow-orker (wait, or is that "co-worker"? No, cow-orker is correct.)He had a fairly messy desk. The first thing we did was to take clear packing tape and tape his phone handset to the phone. But then we taped the drawers of his desk shut. Then we looked at his desk and very carefully, using loops of tape so they wouldn't show, taped every piece of paper to the desk inexactly the same position that he left it. Every book was taped into the book case, every postum note had an added loop of tape behind it and was place back in the exact location.His keyboard was taped to the desk, his mouse was taped to the mouse pad, the mouse pad to the desk.His radio, his altoids, his visine, his half full can of coke, ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING was taped down. It took 3 people about an hour to do it all, but he was finding stuff that wouldn't move for days afterwards.
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Posted:I can't believe I am going to clarify this, but you might understand the matter better if you understand the word...*sigh*Durbs, in the US douche is not shower, nor does it refer to a bidet Kato. It is actually a feminine hygiene product composed of a little plastic squeeze bottle filled with water, sometimes vinegar and who knows what else, marketed for women to clean the *inside* of their girlie parts.
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My understanding is that they can be used in less than 8 steps, so if that had've been handed in to me, I would've graded you down!
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My class made out 9th grade student teacher leave English class crying every single day. She was really heavy and always had a wedge up her butt, and would wear white pants with a black g-strings type stuff, so some of the people were merciless to her. In the end she had a nervous breakdown because of them, went to a hospital for awhile and never became a teacher. I just sat really quiet in the back of class (yes I did used to be quiet!
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Posted:I was a good little fraggle at school and never did nuffink bad at skool. Nope, nope, nope.Ok so there was the one time when I accidentally fused all the the electrics in the Science department. Got into loads of trouble for that. I thought being punished for it was a tad unfair. It was, after all, an accident.....I'd been trying to burn the place down.But i was using ideas I'd learnt in physics so I think I should've got extra credit. Made myself a circuit that would short itself out after a given period. The circuit then was designed to get real hot, melt then catch fire taking the physics department with it. Meaning that we wouldn't have to suffer any more of Mrs Kerslake's dull lessons. Thus rendering me a hero. Only it shorted out the entire science department. Two whole floors of the building. Quite impressive but not the desired effect.But that was the only time I was bad.Unless you count me nicking a load of screwdrivers. But again it wasn't my fault. They were a matched set and I'd lost one. So, not wanting to get into trouble, I lost the rest too. A cunning plan I thought. Only someone thought that deliberately losing was the same as stealing.A guy called James Sherwin turned me in.Aside from that my school career was blemish free. But only if you don't count graffitti (sp?)Of which I have been guilty twice. But the first time wasn't my fault. Granted the second time was a lengthy and sustained campaign. But the 1st time wasn't deliberate.I was about 6 at the time. I'd been kept in over break time can't remember why. I wasn't very good at writing back then so it may have been so that I could catch up with my work....Anyhoo, I my mind started to wander and, being an artistic soul, so did my pencil. I drew a little scribble on the table and it looked for all the world le#ike a camel's face. So I drew in the rest of the camel. A drawing which encompassed fully 2 tables.Then afterwards I looked down proudly at my work and began to try to clean it up. Only it wouldn't come off. So I covered it up with exercise books. Brilliant, I thought, no one will ever know.By the end of the day I had completely forgotten about my picture. So imagine my surprise when Nicholas Merrill (I hope you're taking note of these names we will be stalking them and killing them at a later date) turned me in.Upshot of it was that I had to clean the table using a cloth from the caretaker and this magical stuff called water - hadn't thought of that when I originally tried to clean it. I'd been trying to rub it out wit my eraser - and when I went out to meet my mum she wouldn't let me have any sweeties despite it being Friday (a well known sweetie day). So I was really quite upset by that.See? A good boy
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