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Posted:Interesting article for those that are tempted to use stuff on clothes and so on.... Also goes to show that just because something is safe today, doesn't mean it's going to be safe tomorrow. (I know that this is mainly for foam applications, but many of us are resourceful)

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Posted:Better the devil you know, in my opnion.The DEVIL, being the pain of having to choose from textiles that are fairly fire-retardent anyway, without needeing top be treated.Interesting article, especially about the way it is attracted to fat stores...I wouldn't worry so much about this though, I'd say eating more fruit and veges and getting lots of exercise will be much better for us than avoiding siting on couches...IMHO of course.Thanks again for the info, Toneman.
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Posted:I like cheese... on friday nights it's deathly scary though.Kay, don't mind the retard in the corner*shuffles to the corner waiting for the mailman*



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Posted:and for my next trick.. WATCH as i light this nursing mothers lactating nipples ablaze!*starts rocking back and forth in the coner with kinudin flick a dead lighter *heh heh heh.. take a dive in the human excreation and go a-firesettin boyz..

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